Tourist flats: A luxury experience

apartamento turístico

Tourist flats: A luxury experience

The tourism sector has been evolving over the years, giving rise to a very varied offer. From hotels to luxury tents in rural areas where you can stay overnight. 

Tourist flats are a great option because they offer all the comforts you could have in your own home and allow greater flexibility in terms of meals. In the flats you are not conditioned to any commercial schedule and you can therefore have your meals at the time that most interests you. 

Another advantage of the flats is that they are usually situated in a good location within the cities. 

But it’s precisely the luxury tourist flats that concern us in Beltá & Frajumar. This type of flats offer a luxury experience precisely because of their perfectly cared interior design, which can only be achieved with design furniture such as that offered by Beltá & Frajumar. It’s only necessary to take a look at the contract flat projects where we have collaborated. 


The Island is a residential project in Estepona, Malaga. Quality prevails over everything else, but never forgetting sophistication. This project has a certain mediterranean feel, highlighting the natural colours of the wood and respecting the amplitude. Amplitude that the sun’s rays enter through the window along with the sea breeze. A project created by La Albaida Diseño de Interior, who chose the COOL sofa and the ARKO armchair to be part of their work. 


Dröm Living, the interior design studio that carried out this project, managed to build a space with character and personality marked by a strong rustic accent. The warmth of the rooms is given by the different textures and colours that create a subtle harmony very pleasant to the eye. Wood and fabrics of high quality that establish an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance, like the one that overflows the COOL sofa by Beltá & Frajumar, at the same time that they make an area that optimizes the utility of the space.

tourist flat


Cousy Homes is an eclectic and modern design project that respects the luminosity provided by high architectural ceilings and mixes antique pieces with design furniture from the Beltá & Frajumar collection. The interior design studio Cuarto Interior used the SLIM sofa, the BLOM armchair and the GIB tables creating a perfect combination of materials between fabric, oak wood and black marble. Industrial and palatial aesthetics living together? Achieved in an impeccable way.

tourist flat


Graham Holiday Rentals – Casablanca is located in the Benissa Coast district of Benissa, near the beach of Cala Pinets. For Beltá&Frajumar it is always a pleasure to collaborate with great professionals in the development of these luxury tourist flats. Where nature and its habitat prevail over anything.

tourist flat


The villa Graham Holiday Rentals – Saona, in Moraira. A modern and minimalist design project that leaves all the prominence to the sea and the mountains. For Beltá&Frajumar it has been a pleasure to participate in the project through our design furniture.

tourist flat

The striking results of the sophisticated nature of these flats translate into a luxurious composition that will create an unforgettable experience for users who choose a luxury tourist flat

In Beltá & Frajumar we adapt to the demands of any project, giving the maximum quality guaranteed by all our journey and experience in the contract sector. Make your project shine! 

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