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Things to do at home during quarantine

The coronavirus situation remains, and it’s clear the best way to combat it is to stay at home. However, quarantine isn’t synonymous with boredom, there are always interesting things to do.

But if you need inspiration, in today’s post we give you a list with a series of activities and recommendations to spend your time in this quarantine. Don’t miss it!

Read a design book  

With our fast-paced lifestyle, we never seem to find a time to read. Take advantage of this time to put your phone aside and dive into a book.

Our today recommendation is the book Lo esencial. Una guía de diseño para la vida, by Miguel Milá, a volume in which the designer deepens his gaze on the spaces and the management of the elements that occupy them, from the biographical to the theoretical and gradually sculpting a creative cosmology back of his long professional work. 

It’s not a book for designers, its practical advices can change our daily lives. Without a doubt, an indispensable book, to delve into our personal world, recognize the aberrations of design and learn to live in harmony with elements, nature and with others.



Learn new recipes 

This is the perfect time to learn, and the Internet has endless recipes. Our recommendation is Japanese cuisine, a healthy and light cuisine based on a quality product, very fresh and healthy.

For this reason, we recommend you the ramen, perfect to start with its delicious gastronomy, a simple and at the same time very complete recipe, which has carbohydrates, vegetables and proteins in a single bowl.

  • To start, tie the bacon with thread so that the skin is on the outside and practically join one end and the other. Heat a little oil in an express pot and mark the bacon until golden.
  • Then put the onion, leeks, carrots and garlic cloves in the pot. Clean the mushrooms, cut three slices of ginger and add it too, and then add the chicken and the bacon and wait for it to boil. Strain the broth and degrease it to make it lighter.
  • To prepare the marinated eggs, cook them for six minutes, and then peel them. Heat all the marinade ingredients in a saucepan, and when they boil remove them and dip the eggs and the bacon. Marina for two hours.
  • To finish, cook the noodles, remove the thread from the bacon and cut it into thin slices, cut the eggs, chop the chives, slice the mushrooms and cut a sheet of nori seaweed.


When serving, heat the broth and add the marinade, the noodles, the egg and the bacon, accompanied by mushrooms, spinach sprouts, nori seaweed and chopped chives. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds and you’re done!

Plan your next trip 

It’s obvious this situation of quarantine and confinement will not last forever, and that when it ends the last thing you will want is to stay home. Therefore, a good option to spend this time is to plan your next trips.

A trip is something that must be planned in advance. Take advantage of your free time during quarantine and prepare a list of all those incredible destinations you would like to go to when this is over and plan every detail of your trip.

  • Destination
  • Time 
  • Expenses 
  • Transport  
  • Accommodation 
  • Itinerary  

These are some of the aspects that you should plan carefully before making your trip, but there are many more. The more you plan your trip, the better it will be! 


Rediscover classics 

Surely we all thought of watching a movie during quarantine, but we offer you something better: rediscover the classics! And we can’t think of any better than Metropolis, by Fritz Lang, a German science fiction film released in 1927 and a whole classic.

Drama, action, adventure, fantasy, romance and thriller in a futuristic film, without a doubt, absorbing, which also integrates art and engineering, combining performances, ideas and designs in a fascinating work with a modern timing and concepts that deserve to be discovered.

You have no excuse! Take advantage of this quarantine to make any of these proposals and give a different and fun touch to this situation.


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