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The Thin Chair is a combination of contrasting styles, shapes and volumes

Coleccion silla thin

If you are a person who wants your furniture is full of style and is differentiated by its shapes and volumes, some of the products of Beltá & Frajumar are perfectly adapted to your preferences.

But, you may be wondering what is the product that stands out with this combination? Where can I put it and what charm will it give to my home?


“The aim of Achodoso is to create different, ergonomic furniture with its own identity. But above all, to create furniture that makes us fall in love and accompanies us throughout our lives”.

-Pedro Boj and Javier Gutierrez, product designers

We talked to their creators about the Thin chair!


Inspiration of the Thin Chair 

The inspiration for the creation of this chair has been taken from urban artists when they paint letters or the so-called “bubble letters” because they are usually figures with rounded basic colour volumes and lines around them.


Characteristics of the Thin Chair 

This furniture represents the high contrast, a contrast of styles belonging to the classic and modern style, contrasts of forms by means of the volume of the body and the thin rod around the silhouette. The aim of its creation was to reflect the Achodoso design, where the esthetics is very clean and careful, a young and fresh design, the magic and the experience of Frajumar in the upholstery and finish. And its ideal place is a room surrounded by contemporary art. 


Principal aspects transmitted by the Thin Chair 

As one of its designers, Javier Gutiérrez, says, the Thin Chair transmits design, quality, effort and humour in equal parts.

How is the Thin Chair different from the rest and what is most remarkable about it? 


You can say that when you see it you know that it is not just any chair, it has various distinctive characteristics that attract attention, such as its chrome rod that holds its silhouette. 


If, after reading this post, you have discovered that this unique piece of furniture fits you perfectly, you can check it out in detail on our website or if you are looking for other high design products, do not hesitate to visit our online shop.


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