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The product life cycle

When the demands for the design of a new product are raised, a fundamental part of the input elements (Briefing) that are presented to the team of designers is the life cycle of the product and the environmental aspects that it must comply with. Maintaining its relevance during its development process, prototyping and subsequent manufacturing.

The objective as a company is to offer the market products with a long life cycle, correctly performing the function for which it was created and during which its maintenance is minimal, with the purpose of reducing the environmental impact.

Some of the measures that have been implemented over time are:

. CFCC-free foam (Chloro-Fluoro-Carbon), does not contain chemical substances harmful to health.

. Polyurethane foam pillows with soybean oil.

. Silicon hollow fiber, anti-mites, antibacterial and antifungal. Fiber facilitates air circulation and reduces the appearance of moisture. Hypoallergenic tissue by its composition, does not cause allergies.

. Water-based adhesives, without petroleum-based solvents.

. Wood from controlled felling. Wood from managed forests to meet the social, economic and environmentally responsible needs of future generations.

In conclusion, Beltá & Frajumar is firmly committed to the environment care and protection, for this reason the importance of the life cycle of the products that it coordinates through the approval of an Environmental Management Policy, all the objectives and strategic environmental lines to be met by the organization.


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