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The 10 most spectacular design restaurants

When we go to a restaurant we tend to be mainly interested in the menu. However, a restaurant is not just a space for eating, but a multi-sensory experience that encompasses taste, hearing and sight. 

For this reason, the restaurants strive to find their own visual style that highlights and accompanies the experience. And it’s that the design burst into the kitchen years ago, but lately it seems that all the new establishments have it.

And there is no doubt that if a good dish is accompanied by a good atmosphere, amazing views or a cozy interior, it will be savored differently. The food enters through the eyes, but if we also have a spectacular design around, the visits become unique experiences.

Therefore, today we offer you one of those experiences and we invite you to a virtual tour of the 10 most spectacular design restaurants.

  1. Limbo, Madrid 

This restaurant made by Triscaideca Studio is made up of open spaces, with that air to garage and materials such as iron and polished concrete with cracked finish, which give it that industrial style.



  1. Le Pain Français, Sweden 

This spectacular restaurant located in the heart of Gothenburg is inspired by the classic Parisian style, mixed in turn with modern touches that give the atmosphere an avant-garde air. Its spectacular and huge clock on one of the walls is the centerpiece of the premises.




  1. PUR, Barcelona 

The PUR project bets on to a large functional kitchen, which occupies the entire space and is both cozy and intimate, with an interior design based on natural materials and the craftsmanship.


  1. Restaurante Palo Cortado, Malaga 

The Palo Cortado restaurant, by the Malaga studio Paco Lago Interiorismo, has been awarded at the German Design Awards in the interior design category, with a project to which the restaurant wanted to add furniture ítems and the Beltá & Frajumar experience. 

Palo Cortado is a new cosmopolitan space in the city in a unique area at the foot of the Malaga Cathedral. Its design is inspired by the restaurant’s leit-motif: market cuisine based on traditional flavors.


  1. Rómola, Madrid  

This new restaurant by the architect Andrés Jaque claims the essence of the old Madrid cafes through a sophisticated and artisan style. Its author wanted to break in this project with the hegemony of the false hydraulic tile, which predominate so much in the premises of the capital.




  1. Shade Burger, Ukraine 

It is a “fast food” and “gourmet” establishment at the same time, a project where the materials and textures create a sophisticated environment to enjoy a hamburger in a “deluxe” environment.


  1. Restaurante Espacio Gastronómico Montoro, Alicante 

A trip through four different and totally unique environments, and it’s that at Beltá & Frajumar we have taken care of guaranteeing the enjoyment of the diner with a manufacture of high-level furniture in a project defined with the chef Pablo Montoro team. Without a doubt, Restaurante Espacio Gastronómico Montoro is a space with a glamour atmosphere and an unique identity.


  1. Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand 

Built on top of a tree, Redwoods Treehouse restaurant is one of the most amazing in the world. It combines a spectacular architectural design with views 40 meters high in a space completely in nature.




  1. Lili’s, Madrid 

Decorated by the architect Elena Kardash with an avant-garde and cosmopolitan style, and composed of elegant colonial lounges that exude elegance and style, this restaurant creates a cozy and seductive air that invites you to lose yourself through its large mirrors and windows or its spectacular vegetation.



  1. Tatel, Madrid

A strong Spanish character and an expression of elegance and innovation are the pillars of Tatel, a project carried out by the Ilmiodesign architecture studio in which Beltá & Frajumar has also participated.

In it, sophistication and quality create a rich and warm environment where subtle nods to Spanish culture are integrated in form of murals to offer a space where the five senses are activated. 


Each of these restaurants offer you a different and unique design that will undoubtedly make your visit a unique experience.


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