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Surprise dad with the best pieces of designer furniture

Mobiliario de diseño

Nowadays, there is a great variety of design furniture and depending on the age, geographical aspects, use, etc. for each person there are certain pieces of furniture that fit better with their preferences and tastes than others.

For this reason, there are pieces of furniture that will be more surprising and useful for parents than others. Do you want to know how to surprise a parent?

Designer pieces of furniture to surprise dad



Designer Desks

Now that most fathers are teleworking or are interested in continuously acquiring knowledge, the desks of Beltá Frajumar fit perfectly with them, because in addition to their high functionality they are full of design.

Among them, we find the POET desk which is a tribute to the creativity and talent of our poets because it is pure poetry in wood finish, the SPIN desk which is characterised by its smooth and temporary lines and the BESK desk which stands out for its light touch without losing the essence of antique desks.


Mobiliario de diseño



Designer Chairs

Chairs are a very relevant piece of design furniture because it could be said that most people use them every day and the same happens now with the desks that have started to be more important in homes, because people who telework or study spend many hours continuously in a chair. Therefore, giving a chair to a father will always be one of the perfect gifts, especially if it has the quality and style that Beltá Frajumar offers.

And in relation to the design chairs, it is worth mentioning the NIÉS with armrest designed by Vicente Gallega which is a reflection of simplicity where its elegant shapes invite anyone to sit and the BAZK chair which maintains contact with the wood and an organic design and also combines perfectly with the previously mentioned BESK desk.


sillas de diseño



Designer Hangers

Having a hanger in every home is essential, but especially for parents it is very functional because it will help them to always have their personal belongings at hand.

Moreover, the hanger in the HANG  line made by Beltá Frajumar are full of originality, regardless of whether they are free-standing or wall-mounted coat racks. And their inspiration is based on pure nature, simplicity, craftsmanship and tree branches.



Percheros diseño


Designer Armchairs

For lovers of reading or relaxing in intimate moments, the designer armchairs made by Beltá Frajumar are perfect because the main aspect that has always been taken into account in their manufacture has been comfort together with design.

In your choice, you can find both swivel armchairs and fixed armchairs. And among them we highlight the following armchairs:

DELTA armchair: one of the new swivel armchairs by Beltá Frajumar with an organic inspiration, with soft curves and a foot with rounded corners that gives it a very special character.



Butaca de diseño




LASE armchair: an organic armchair full of elegance that is anchored on a wooden base and legs.

The PUNK armchair: this armchair is lighter but maintains its elegance and its shape embraces those who sit in it and invites them to relax in it.



the pieces of design furniture that should not be forgotten when you want to give a gift to a father are the pouffes, because apart from allowing him to sit down, it will also facilitate other actions such as putting on his shoes, watching his smartphone while sitting for a short period of time, etc.

And at Beltá Frajumar there is also a wide variety of pouffes with different styles and upholstery. One example is the OPOF pouf, ideal for contemporary spaces and unique for the wooden handle on its backrest that differentiates it from the rest, or the SOFT S pouf, more bulky but adapted to smaller dimensions.



Y en Beltá Frajumar también hay una gran variedad de puffs con diferentes estilos y tapizados. Un ejemplo es el puff OPOF  ideal para espacios contemporáneos y único por el asa de madera en su respaldo que lo diferencia del resto o el puff más abultado pero adaptado a dimensiones reducidas.


puffs de diseño



Once you have read this post in Belta Frajumar we hope you know the perfect gift for Father’s Day because we always seek to offer products adapted to all people and needs. But if not, because you have more questions or want to see more products, do not hesitate to contact us.


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