Modern design sofas for the home

Catalogue of modern sofas for the interior design projects of the most up to date homes. Modular, with chaise longue, corner, two and three seat sofas. Search and find the perfect sofa for your living room.


Design Modern Sofas

Sofas whose main characteristic is their great comfortability. Carefully design details, this grants the furniture with perfect rhythm and movement to dress the most varied environments. Its wide variety of modules allows every kind of compositions for the home. Cushions of great amplitude and a good balance between firmness and comfortability, that invite to rest. Modern sofas of dynamic lines, strong personality and instantly recognisable in any interior design. A collection of different sofas, with an elaborated concept but with a flawless design as result.


Quality sofas for your home’s living room

Selection of timeless character products of classic lines, without forgetting the traditional taste thanks to their extensive experience as sofa manufacturer. A collection of furniture with the goal of meeting in full the needs of the contemporary life.

A collection with the objective of fully meet the contemporary living needs.

Frajumar develops, since 1967, its work as sofas manufacturer in Yecla, taking care of the details and quality, innovation and design. A large variety of sofas, from the straight and elegant line models until more rounded shape models, with wide volumes that inspire comfort. This aspect is thank to the use of microfiber touch down padding (Microgel). Sofa beds with a studied design that gives a practical, functional and a beautiful object as result. All of them with a wide modular variety, allowing all kind of compositions for the home.