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#Sistmaleta, interior design without limits

#sistmaleta proyecto ganador InterCIDEC 2018

Above, in the video, we can see David Puerta, from Viruta Lab during the interview in the award ceremony at InteriHotel, Barcelona. His project #Sistmaleta won the hospitality interior design contest InterCIDEC. Carlos Bermudez, director of procurement of work and hotel equipment of Palladium Hotel Group, presented the prize.

There is a common element on all hotel users such as the suitcase. Through this element, the author creates this interior design concept, the main character of #Sistmaleta project, winner of the hospitality interior design contest InterCIDEC 2018.


The winning project of InterCIDEC 2018

The project born as a solution to the development of a hotel lobby in any space proposed. The geometry does not limit the design. A polyvalent answer to any place and shape.
The suitcase is, in the end, a container, where the users carry everything they wish or need for their hotel stay. The casing is a hard and solid cover where there are the necessary mechanisms for the suitcase works, but internally it is more delicate on details. Using the geometry, whatever it is, to accommodate every facility and free them from any charge. The same way we try to prepare our suitcase, we must distribute and play with the spaces so we can save and carry all the necessary.

Interior design as a differenciating value.

Internally, the distribution of the suitcase is subject to the spatial organisation of four big blocks in which we can group the elements that the hotel users carry for their stays. These groups have features distinguished physical and aesthetical that generate the space and the project interior design.

Concepto de plano #SistmaletaConcepto de plano #Sistmaleta

The TECHNOLOGY(1) is the first block, with the most industrial aesthetical and necessary elements given the permanent use we make of them, adding a fundamental extra value. The HYGIENE(2) is the container inside the container. It identifies with the second block and the semi-transparency, letting us see the interior of a sealed space. The FOOTWEAR(3) does not add aesthetical features to the area, but it adds transition zones for the proposal, adapted to people with physical disabilities and therefore should be considered as a project block. The last and fourth block is CLOTHING(4). Bent elements to achieve fine parts with many colours, shapes and fabrics to wear from the most current fashion a lobby where the users, wherever they come from, they can identify themselves with this space.

Proyecto #Sistmaleta


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