Restaurant or Dining room?

We introduce you the new dining facilities at Beltá & Frajumar. A total refurbishment of the old dining room that we have transformed into a space similar to a restaurant. We want to highlight furniture used:

-Vintage style chairs, honouring the first pieces manufactured by the company back in 1967. Decorated with old looking nails and upholstered in different colours to be more dynamic. The fabric used is: fire resistant, antibacterial, stain protection, water proof and very high abrasion resistance in order to have a heavy duty use.

-Tables and Shelves. Iron hand made structure coated in matt black. Natural wood laths, selected and carefully treated to transmit the purity feeling and respect for natural fine materials.

-“Porron” (typical Spanish jar with long spout for drinking from) lamps. Adding personality to the dining room. A tribute for the quality wine of our lands.

The refurbishment of the old dining area in this new environment gives a better quality for users and shows the capabilities of our company  to transform an anonymous area into a signature restaurant



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