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Quality as a permanent goal

Beltá & Frajumar is a company clearly committed to quality and the environment. This spirit is part of the DNA of its managers and therefore, of the organisation in itself.

Certainly, the companies have to fulfil with a series of regulations and legal requirements imposed by the Administration. These constitute for Beltá & Frajumar a way of materializing our way of think and feel. The Corporate Social Responsibility has become one of the main pillars for our company.

The ISO 9001 Standard has been helping us for a long time organizing processes and resources. With the aim of optimizing the performance and moving forward to the path of efficiency in the service to our clients and the excellence in our results. Our furniture and our turnkey projects have to be perfect and satisfying for our clients. In furnishing as in home and hospitality decoration,

The care for our surroundings, and especially for the environment, is one of our main goals. The ISO 14001 Standard is an environmental control system. This offers us the possibility of carrying out an optimal procedure of the wastes that are generated with the development of our activity, reducing the environmental impact. It is because of this that we are conscious that we have to manage them in a responsible and committed way. Not only as an imposition, but also as the result of our own responsibility. The ISO 14001 Standard acts as a way to proceed more than an imposition or a demand for us. Moreover, it saves us extra costs and provides access to the collection of subsidies and opens barriers to the exterior market.

In Beltá & Frajumar quality and commitment are constant goals.


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