Projecting from minimalism


“Simple and enduring truths are our best guide.”

A new project is a new world. First of all, it is necessary to listen to the client. Meet their needs and delve into their emotions. A good design must fulfill its most pragmatic function, without renouncing its most poetic sense.

The initial phase is essential, to delve into its concept. If we speak of minimalist philosophy, we seek a balance between nature and man-made architecture. We dispense with unnecessary elements. Sculpting spaces in a pure way, until we reach their essence. Order and geometry in balance with the environment. As an ethereal result.

The intention is to “humanize spaces” by looking for all the possibilities of light and suitable materials, emphasizing the care of details and the best use of the available space.

“Simple and enduring truths are our best guide.”


An oasis of peace in the heart of Hirosima

Optical Glass House, Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP studio

The house is located near a busy street in the city of Hiroshima. The intention was to create an oasis of peace by acoustically and visually “protecting” the house from the chaos of the city. This barrier was made through a glass brick wall that allows glimpses of the city’s movements and lets light filter through. This glass wall hides an interior garden creating a green oasis visible from all floors of the house.

Interior and exterior maintain the harmony that gives us this sense of peace.

Author of the post: Gonzalo Terol


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