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How to turn a lighthouse into a tourist accommodation? – with PF1 Interiorismo


As guests that we all are at some point, what we value in a hotel is the way we rest. And what better way to rest than listening to the waves of the sea? This is what we do at PF1 Interiorismo.


Live in the skin of a lighthouse keeper

How many times have you visited the vicinity of a lighthouse and have you imagined what the life of the old lighthouse keepers should be like? Isolated from the world, with the sole company of the sea and seagulls, watching the ocean roar in winter and rest, placid, in summer. The hardness of the sea and the sailors who dedicated their lives to the sea is considered today as a spiritual retreat for body and soul.

“The Galicians are not easy to open, but we are very welcoming and embrace visitors as pilgrims seek the embrace of the Apostle Santiago at the end of the road.”

The tradition of the spirit of the sea and Galicia. Is there a more beautiful job? We, in PF1 Interiorismo, take care of the interior project to convert 19th-century lighthouses into modern tourist accommodation, respecting, of course, its essence and the original elements. The life of a lighthouse keeper is always exposed to weather, waves, and loneliness. As Loli Moroño explains, “the biggest challenge we were facing in the Pacha Island Lighthouse was the responsibility of transforming the building into the first tourist accommodation in Spain located in a Lighthouse”.

faro interior

What should be taken into account when reforming a lighthouse?

Of course, the historical and patrimonial weight must be revered to put it in favor of the guest. The Lighthouses in Spain are under strict regulations. To take advantage of their tourism potential, they must be honored in the same way to adapt to the hotel Contract sector.

Soon, the romantic image of the lighthouse keeper will be disappearing. In Almería, the lighthouse keeper at Mesa Roldán is one of the last to continue supervising and living in an active Faro. Most of the Lighthouses in the 5,978 km of the coast of Spain are being replaced by home automation and automatic machinery. Therefore, it is a very noble job to honor all these people and families who have lent their hands throughout the Hispanic coast over the centuries.


Lighthouse of Corrubedo

Two lighthouses. Two hotels.

If what the traveler is looking for are comfort and tranquility, at Isla Pancha Lighthouse you will find it elevated to the nth power. The client gave us absolute freedom when designing the interior design of the Lighthouse, with three unique conditions: quality, warmth, and comfort. Features that we also implement in the Corrubedo Lighthouse, whose remodeling will be finished at the end of 2020.

In addition, the lantern – located in the center of the building – has been enabled so that visitors can climb to contemplate the landscape from the top of the lighthouse. Moreover, for this beautiful project, we received the Best Interior Design Project Award at the Hostelco Awards in 2018. The Hostelco Awards jury valued the project for its “calm interior design that conveys calm and warmth, is comfortable and elegant”.

On the other hand, in the Corrubedo Lighthouse, the construction is known as La Sirena (which houses the nine warning horns to the boats and which in its day was made as to the lighthouse keeper’s house), will house five rooms, two of them suites. In the hexagonal floor plan, which was also the residence of the lighthouse keeper, six rooms distributed over two floors will be enabled. Likewise, welcome to venerate life in a lighthouse, all rooms will have their own atmosphere and marine theme.

The Pancha Island Lighthouse is located on an island full of beauty, while in the Corrubedo Lighthouse the immensity of the surrounding sea stands out.

faro Lighthouse of Punta Pancha

It seems that the lighthouses look for us and find us. Do you have a lighthouse that you want to take advantage of? We love to continue turning lighthouses into unique hotels full of charm !!




About PF1 Interiorismo

The interior designers Martina Casas and Loli Moroño are the founders of PF1 Interiorismo, a study that is integrated by a team of collegiate interior designers who contribute their experience and knowledge to be able to offer customers a comprehensive service, in collaboration with a wide network of partners that participate in each project. The goal of PF1 is to meet the needs of its clients in terms of contract interior design, to make their businesses more profitable, through a careful prescription that provides effective and decisive solutions.

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