THIN silla
THIN silla
THIN silla
silla thin junto a ventana
Silla THIN ambientada en salón
THIN silla
THIN silla
THIN silla

Chair THIN

In the words of its designers, Achodoso, “As in art, we have designed a chair of high contrast. Contrast of styles, between classic and modern, contrast of shapes, between the volume of the body and the thin rod that runs along its silhouette. And finally and ironically, the contrast of its appearance with its name, Thin”.

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Silla THIN marca Belta Frajumar

información del Producto

THIN chair

According to its designers Achodoso: We always look for inspiration in what we are passionate about. In the case of the Thin chair, it comes from the work process of urban artists when it comes to painting letters, or as they call them “bubble letters”. They are usually relatively simple volumes of colour, rounded and then outlined by a line. The origin of the idea was to create a chair that would combine the best of Achodoso and the best of Beltá Frajumar, while sharing the limelight. On our side we have contributed that young and fresh design, the spark, and Beltá Frajumar its experience and expertise in upholstery and finishes.

Thin arises from the need to find a comfortable upholstered chair with a strong personality that occupies a small space. Using rounded and soft lines to create friendly shapes that invite us to sit down, always looking for the user’s comfort without leaving aside its aesthetics.

Thin is an armchair with careful ergonomics combined with contemporary aesthetics and cosmopolitan elegance. Formally light in appearance, it draws a gesture that embraces us and invites us to relax. It is a model that can be optionally swivel, characterised by its slender profile and enveloping design. A flexible piece in its use, suitable for home as well as public spaces.


  • Structure curved multi-laminated wood and 10 mm diameter iron tube.
  • Seat backrest polyurethane foam.
  • The seat cushion is also moulded, using the same injected compound and reaching 65 kg/m3. Removable covers.
  • Backrest HR foam 30 kg/m3. Fully lined with 10mm foam and H100gr fibre with velour.



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