silla giratoria even
silla giratoria even
Silla tapizado gris en fondo oscuro
EVEN swivel chair
silla even
silla even gris
silla even en perspectiva
silla even frontal
silla even trasera

EVEN swivel chair

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Even swivel chair is a piece of apparent simplicity that nevertheless acquires a special character thanks to the curves that envelop and shape it. Perfect harmony in a fresh design.

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Detalles del Producto

EVEN design swivel chair

Robert Ortega

By designing the curves of the EVEN chair, taking into account the use of the raw material as much as possible, he made it connect to the “curves” of everyday life.50

Design of the EVEN swivel chair

Every chair or armchair has its time and its moment. As a manufacturer of furniture and upholstery for the hospitality channel, we know very well how to capture the essence of the entire product life cycle. This is the most important thing for a good environmental management and a successful enjoyment for the user.

The EVEN swivel chair, designed by Marketing Director Robert Ortega, perfectly fulfils this alliance. Someone with a preference for using visual processing like Robert uses his vision to remember and make decisions. This innate talent, coupled with his professional experience with many hours sitting in front of large computer screens, conveys ideas for effective design objects.

Sliding his fingers through the natural fibre fabric makes the most of this indispensable complicity.

The intentional swivel dining chair

Despite being made of different materials, they can be easily separated according to their nature for disposal. This is achieved, of course, not by joining these pieces together using chemical elements such as glues or adhesives, but mechanically by screwing or riveting.

This concept of furniture that is functional in the present and recyclable in the future gives designer occasional furniture a long life. The world is a perpetual planet and as such, it is our commitment to take care of it as much as possible while we enjoy being its inhabitants.

This is the label – the brand, the band – that binds us all together.


Technical Sheet

CAD Files




Silla tapizado gris en fondo oscuro

Robert Ortega

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