KIRO puff
KIRO puff
KIRO puff
KIRO puff
KIRO puff
KIRO puff
KIRO puff
KIRO puff
KIRO puff
KIRO puff

KIRO puff

The essential. It is an ergonomic and functional piece, with a design of curved lines, of great simplicity and attractiveness.

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Puff KIRO en habitacion con mesa

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Authentic vats for professional stylists

The upholstery of the round pouf reflects different shades depending on the reflection of the light that bathes it. All the colours, including the sailor’s finish, plus the experience of resting on it, give this large pouf a sublime lightness. It sits upright and graceful, as when one enters the water. Nothing is lacking, nothing is superfluous, it is simply enjoyable!

Pouf pera, a great place to sit and relax

It has a thick surface in its layer, formed by very dense and short fibres that give it a very pleasant and delicate touch, and an aspect of distinction very suitable for the living room. It stands out for its visual simplicity to decorate the home with all kinds of compositions. The art of velvet weaving most probably originated in the Far East. It is woven on a special loom that spins two pieces of velvet at the same time. However, our main value is differentiation; that is why we configure our poufs with a variety of fire retardant, water repellent and stain resistant fabrics. Traditional craftsmanship sewn with modern embossing, always resulting in familiar comfort. Suitable for the most urban environments.

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