Consola sedan pieza de madera de roble
Consola sedan pieza de madera de roble
Consola sedan pieza de madera de roble
Consola sedan mobiliario hogar
Medidas de consola madera sedan
Consola SEDAN cajonera
SEDAN consola hogar
Sedan consola Belta Frajumar
Consola SEDAN madera roble

SEDAN console

For some creative people and travel enthusiasts, the Sedan hallway furniture reminds them of the hull of an old ship. It turns out that this shelf without legs can be anything you want it to be.

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SEDAN consola hogar



Mesa OPEN junto a butaca y ventana de fondo
OPEN mesa

454.96 454.96
Precio con IVA - 550.50 550.50

KORA butaca living
KORA butaca

Precio con IVA - 595.32

APIL butaca
APIL butaca

Precio con IVA - 626.78

información del Producto

Design your travels with this solid wood carved console table.

Travel is, undeniably, the one common desire on the wish list of people all over the world. Whim or not, our designs are made for the demanding, the selective, those who know what they want.

That’s why, as manufacturers, we do everything by hand to give our designs their unique identity. This love of craftsmanship and respect for the environment has been transformed into this minimalist piece.

Bare feet sink into the sand on the beach, shells crackle and summer surroundings shower us with spontaneity and energy. Yin and yang. All the essentials. A delight for the imagination.

On board a console with a solid inkwell.

Its versatility is a treat for creative people. Made of solid ash wood stained in walnut, it is held in place by a metal structure without consuming space. Once in place, it’s useful for storing keys or travel books while planning the next getaway – dream of boats and travel!

  • Includes hardware, screws and plugs for installation.

Download CAD files:



Download Technical Data Sheet:


Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 140 × 30 × 11 cm


Paolo Mauri