TAMO butaca respaldo alto
TAMO butaca respaldo alto
TAMO butaca respaldo alto
TAMO butaca respaldo alto

TAMO armchair hight backrest

Tamo is an armchair with a high backrest, comfortable, light in appearance, elegant and strong. It is a seat with wooden armrests and a warm textile fabric.

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TAMO armchair hight backrest

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technical information

TAMO Armchair Hight

Elegant and strong armchair

Vicente Gallega

Tamo is a cosy armchair, comfortable, of lightweight appearance, elegant but with strength. It is a friendly and casual seat that breaks the rigidity of the metallic material of the structure thanks to the warmth of the wood of its armrests and the softness of its fabric, providing warmth and comfort to spaces. Its design arises from the aim of creating a comfortable seat, with smooth shapes, yet with character.


1. Inner structure of planed solid pine rounded in the friction areas to extend the life of the suspension.

2. Exterior structure of metal rod, with oven dried epoxy paint . Optional finish
with a copper or black nickel coating.

3. Seat, of 35 Kg/m3 foam integrated into the structure, plus an additional 3cm super soft layer. Covered with a thin layer of silicone fibre.

4. Backrest HR 30 kg/m3 foam. All padded with 10mm foam and H150gr fibre.

Technical Sheet

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 80 × 70 × 104 cm

Vicente Gallega

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