butaca ERIK Belta Frajumar
butaca ERIK Belta Frajumar
butaca ERIK Belta Frajumar

ERIK armchair

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Erik airmchair emerges from the stylistic investigation between the deco and the retro, revealing the balanced relationship between form and functionality.

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Contemporany armchair

Technical Sheet

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The Erik, collection a contemporary classic, 03 in this series that is expanded with two options of armchair, with and without headrest and one more chair adding to the existing Erik sofa. A range suitable not only for the home but also for contract environments.


1. Solid wood structure covered with 40 kg/ m3 foam. Suspension made with Nea webbing, with a 10 year guarantee.

2. Seat cushion of high resistance 30 kg / m3 foam, plus an additional 3cm super
soft layer. Covered with a thin layer of 150 g silicone fibre.

3. Backrest HR 30 kg/m3 foam. All padded all of it with 10mm foam and H100gr fibre.

4. Leg of steel P-102. Chair, legs in solid beech wood.


Dario Gagliardini

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