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POET desk

The POET desk is pure poetry carved in wood. This desk is not called this way by chance, but it has been created as a true tribute to the creativity and talent of our poets: Machado, Lorca or Quevedo would have given good account of this “piece of furniture”, which for any poet and lover of writing is a real “must have” (with consonant rhyme included).


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Technical information


Poetry carved in wood

Poet, more than a piece of furniture, is pure poetry carved in wood. This piece of high quality, superbly designed handcrafted woodwork is a tribute to the genius of our poets: the verses of Machado, Lorca, Quevedo and Góngora inspire the majestic forms of this desk, which is not only pure influence for your creative potential, but beyond bringing spring to your workspace, it reminds you that spring is you, when you contemplate its beauty and sit harmoniously in front of it.

A designer desk for poets at heart

This elegant desk is made from PEFC and FSC certified wood to support the natural balance. These labels guarantee that the wood comes from responsibly managed, sustainably managed forests.

With its sober and modern design, this desk is the perfect match for decorating many different spaces. The space of this desk is quite generous and allows you to keep your laptop, notebooks and other items comfortably on its spacious top. To make the most of its potential, it is also recommended to work with an adjustable desk lamp.

*Desk is shipped disassembled, including screws for assembly.



Desk made of solid ash wood. Turned legs,joined by allen screws, and planking top. Shipped unassembled.

Technical Sheet PDF




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