BESK desk

Why is it called Besk? The name comes from the union of the two words best and desk: the best desk. Everything at your fingertips. Nothing hidden.


Technical information

The essence of writers

Besk and its brother Wesk have a common origin: both have been designed to fit aesthetically into modern environments without losing the essence of the old desks. The wood has been lightly polished to give the desk a much lighter, more native, more workmanlike feel.

Functionality and visual cleanliness have been the main concepts on which we have based our design of Besk. Its smooth, timeless lines make it easy to adapt to different styles where high quality design and true commitment to wood are evident. Humanity and lightness. History also has its supports and lines.

A modern desk that conveys like few others

On the top right-hand side there is a slight recess for pencils and erasers. Just like its light legs, this is a quality detail of a solid wood frame.

The best desk hopes you enjoy the process of creating your writing as much as we enjoy the process of creating Besk.

*The desk is shipped unassembled, including screws for assembly.



Download CAD files:



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Weight 19 kg





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