BRIN foot of bed seats

Brin is a French word for “small amount”. By customising the essentials of a footboard and nature at the same time, we have reinvented this piece of furniture for modern home or hotel living.

Technical information

Comfort and elegance of the BRIN Bed Base

Taking care of what is light and small is a fundamental part of ensuring success in many aspects of our working and family life. Precision with smoothness, smoothness with tension, tension with pleasure. We are very happy to be able to offer this bed base formulated, on the one hand, for long-lasting comfort and, on the other hand, to take care of the “small amount” of nature it embraces.

With this in mind, the internal structure is made of high-strength, non-deformable foam with soybean oil and no petroleum solvents have been used to lacquer the wooden parts.

The result is a bed base that offers a sense of intimacy, on which we can rest or rest our objects. In use, admiration and respect, memory and solidity.

The Harmony of a Unique Bed Base

Its outwardly slender legs splendidly conceal the effective internal sturdiness. The solidity of the ash wood is combined with the old and resistant canvas. A small piece of furniture with great uses, because, just like nature, we too wish to contribute our small grain of sand to your daily relief.

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Weight 28 kg
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