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Ovvo, this model is a bold exercise in search of organic and compact forms. Ovvo awakens the imagination of its creators and users who enjoy it. Its special
design that turns it into a flexible product that transforms the spaces in which one finds it in areas full of dynamism and functionality. Non-detachable arms.
Important: When choosing a fabric, please consult us.


1. Frame made with solid planed pine bars and MDF fibreboard. The suspension
made with NEA elastic webbing with a 10-year guarantee.

2. The frame has integrated cushions are made with firm foam of 35kg/m3 in arms and parts of the frame Polyurethane foam cushion with soybean
oil. Water based glue is used without any oil based solvents.

Finally everything is covered with a thin silicone fibre layer, with foam support, sewed and not glued and upholstered directly to the frame. This cover prior to the final upholstery gives homogeneity and softness to the touch.

3. Hidden legs of solid beech wood with glued felt.


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