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Dario Gagliardini

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Axis seeks the essence of the objects to become a powerful sign of expression. Through the refining of shapes we obtain a model of precise lines in which the movement of the arm in which we see the different and convenient positions at one’s disposal. Additionally, its characteristic cushions grant the users an outstanding comfort level. The arms with hinges are easily removed.


1. Solid wood frame with metallic reinforcements, HR 40 kg/m3 foam. Suspension made with NEA elastic webbing with a 10 year guarantee..

2. Seat cushion made with HR 35 kg/m3 foam plus silicone hollow fibre (Microgel). With an interior cover to separate both materials. Polyurethane foam cushion with soybean oil. Water based glue is used without any oil based solvents.

3. Backrest cushion made with microfibre down touch padding (Microgel). Arms composed of silicone hollow fibre plus polyurethane particles. Completely removable cushion covers.

4. Leg p-55 and p-103 chromed metal, p-74 or ash wood.


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