Pottery Workshop “TIRARSE AL BARRO” – 1st InterCIDEC Award ’19


Pottery and interior design workshop?

The conceptual proposal is to unite the traditional to the current needs of our society and consumption habits. This what the proyect “TIRARSE AL BARRO” pretends with the design of an aesthetic and a brand. Estudio Arinni, with José Antonio Alonso at the wheel, won the 1st Prize in the Professional category in the 4th edition of the InterCIDEC 2019 contest. A “Pottery Workshop”, which mixes the return to the artisan work of a workshop, with the aesthetics and new materials in decoration and construction.


If there are two professions, among many others, that could have things in common, those are pottery and cooking. Working with your hands, modeling or shaping an object to achieve the desired presentation. Work with natural and handmade elements. And finally, the fire. The heat.


Pottery. Hands. Showcooking.

On the other hand, what the sector is currently looking for is joining restoration to experience. Turn a restaurant into a place of “exhibition and presentation”. The current thing of eating in the kitchen of many leading and exclusive restaurants, taken to the premises. Within everyone’s reach. The fusion of showcooking at the bar, from venues such as “Dos Palillos” in Barcelona or “StreetXo” in Madrid, and the attention taken care of at a traditional table.


The packaging becomes as important as what is offered inside. To be able to couple, by means of the modular bar, the same operation studied by a chef de cuisine, in any room, no matter how much its configuration changes.

Lastley, this is the proposal to TIRARSE AL BARRO, precisely that … we can exist wherever we want, in any space, any dimensions and with a minimum, but we can model our restaurant to any local structure.

… don’t you feel like trying it out?


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