NMASA Design

NMASA Design is a design studio based in Malmö, Sweden, which focuses on creating products and experiences with added value, embracing craftsmanship 2.0, and exploring solutions to the sustainability challenges faced by the industry. The studio collaborates with companies and organizations from diverse sectors, with a particular emphasis on furniture manufacturing and other everyday objects.


Leading the studio is industrial designer Javier Masa. His work is characterized by an open-minded approach, analyzing and questioning archetypes, traditions, and other unwritten laws in order to seek innovative solutions on functional, aesthetic, and/or emotional levels. In his pursuit of academic and professional development, he has ventured across different corners of the globe, encountering diverse relationships with objects and varied understandings of design. His experiences in the vibrant cities of Barcelona and Milan, as well as Scandinavia and the United States, have profoundly shaped his global perspective, endowing him with the ability to comprehend complex problems and empathize with various user typologies.

Products designed by NMASA Design