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InterCIDEC is on for another year!


InterCIDEC Contest – Beltá & Frajumar

Beltá & Frajumar has the pleasure to celebrate one more year the interCIDEC contest. We can make the year 2020 shine with the enthusiasm and ideas of the contestants of this 5th Edition of the InterCIDEC awards, which are so important for us and our sector.

The fact that this year is being celebrated in this way is due to our concern for the safety of participants, collaborators and employees. For the organization of this event we have followed the WHO recommendations, ensuring the minimization of infections. 

InterCIDEC theme

This year’s theme is the creation and development of an environmentally sustainable project for the interior design of a tourist apartment. Taking into account the conditions of the “New Normality” is a ‘must’ in this edition. 

Health safety in our current context is of vital importance to the tourism sector. Visiting guests from both national and international areas must be assured that they are not at risk when travelling and the design of such safe environments is within our creative capabilities.

The InterCIDEC’20 contest is presented as a unique opportunity to bring together parties interested in developing original solutions to this problem. Of course, always with environmental sustainability in mind.


Sonae Arauco – Sponsor at InterCIDEC’20

Of course, Sonae Arauco, one of our most reliable suppliers, is a sponsor of the event. For us, it is not a surprise that they have collaborated with interCIDEC’20 for another year, but in particular, this year, the contest edition is totally aligned with two of the company’s hallmarks; sustainability and innovation.

  • Sustainable Development of the 2030 Agenda  

In view of the Sustainable Development Objectives of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, Sonae Arauco carries out various actions throughout its wood production value chain. Its raw material is certified as coming from sustainable sources which ensure that they are not the result of indiscriminate logging, but that their origin is in controlled forests.

It takes action and contributes to the circular economy by managing the wood recycling process and consuming recycled wood, optimizes the energy efficiency of its activity and participates in social awareness projects on sustainability. In addition, it is concerned about the safety of its employees and has certifications that also guarantee it in this area.



  • Sector innovation 


Sonae Arauco also stands out for its sector innovation. Its way of working with wood allows it to achieve solutions that perfectly adapt to the needs of each of its customers and collaborators.

These two pillars are not only fundamental for Sonae Arauco, but are also fundamental for the secondary sector and for society in general. We must move forward together towards a better world.

That’s why… InterCIDEC is on for another year! This contest is an opportunity for more companies and designers to start their paths towards a more ecological production and create professional ties that fit in with the sustainability philosophy. Society and the planet are calling for an integral change in the industry; Sonae Arauco and Beltá & Frajumar have already taken action. Who will join this change?



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