InterCIDEC 2019

Prizes of International Competition of Environmental Contract Design – InterCIDEC


1. In the Professional Category, a single prize of € 5,000 will be awarded.


2. In the Student Category, a single prize of € 1,000 will be awarded.


3. If any of the winning projects finally results in a contract/sale of the project for installation in a hotel, the creator/winner will be entitled to the relevant economic benefits.
4. The judging panel reserves the right to grant any runner-up prize it deems appropriate. These prizes, without economic content, consist of a gift and the possibility of opting for the corresponding royalties, in case that the project is sold to a hotel client among other collaborations.
5. In addition, press releases will be issued on the results of the Contest, which will be distributed throughout the principal media specializing in architecture, interior design, contract and furnishing (both in the written press, radio, television and, of course, social networks and blogosphere).
6. The winners will receive a diploma and a gift, and there will be the possibility of projects being presented at international fairs, which Beltá & Frajumar attends.

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