InterCIDEC 2019

Contract environments design competition Judging panel – InterCIDEC


For the evaluation of the projects presented, a judging panel will be assembled, composed of professionals related to shopping and hotel departments, architecture, interior design, decoration and furniture design. The identity of the members of the judges will be made public in a variety of specialized media as well as on the competition website


The date will be announced in the future and the awards ceremony of InterCIDEC 2019 will take place in Madrid, in an event that will bring together important public officials and professionals, as well as communication media for national and international dissemination.


Participants will be able to acquaint themselves with all of the projects presented, after the deadline for submitting them, and they can vote for their favorite project before 11th September. Voting can take place as soon as the deadline for submission of projects has passes, taking into account that participants cannot vote for their own proposal.


The projects will be evaluated by the judging panel under the following criteria:
1. Conceptual proposal. The detection of emerging needs, solutions that solve specific problems, new environments, improvement of the working conditions of employees, among others …
2. Degree of innovation (conceptual, formal, composition, materials employed, technology, etc.).
3. Aesthetic value (harmony, perception, composition, distribution …).
4. Accessibility for people with disabilities (not only as a way to comply with the regulations, but in a way that the facilities are practical and useful).
5. The use of our 3D products will be appraised within the projects. You can download the products from our website (each product on the website has a downloadable 3D file attached).
6. Other aspects that increase the value of the proposal, such as more efficient production processes, integrated technology, installation, etc.

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