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InterCIDEC Awards 2019

Membrana, a lobby/bar to connect with the user

Living up to its name, Membrana, the design of this project focuses on skin or membrane to cover the space. The flexibility of this membrane goes to every area of the project. It has a resistant concept able to connect with the user.

#sistmaleta proyecto ganador InterCIDEC 2018

#Sistmaleta, interior design without limits

There is a common element on all hotel users such as the suitcase. Through this element, the author creates this interior design concept, the main character of #Sistmaleta project, winner of the hospitality interior design contest InterCIDEC 2018.

Top 10 moments 2018 Beltá & Frajumar

10 moments of 2018 to highlight

Join us in a reminder of the highlights of 2018. 2018 goes away and the memories of what this past year has been, appear in our minds. We remember the


InterCIDEC 2019 International Contract Design Competition

The purpose of this competition is to give candidates a chance to make their dreams come true. Turning your idea into a real project is the fruit of creativity, but also of persistence.

The jury, which on this occasion was chaired by the designer, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, has relied on a dozen prestigious professionals for the evaluation of proposals, including Andrea Spada, from IlmioDesign, Loli Moroño from PF1 Interiorismo, Pepe Cosín, from Cosín Estudio, or Cary Rodríguez, from Soho Boutique Hotels, among others.


InterCIDEC Award Ceremony

This innovative project came out of a dream of the CEO of Beltá & Frajumar, who assures that “having reached the 4th edition is an honour and a great joy”. Thanks, above all, to Comunica +A, authorities, collaborators, sponsors, contestants and colleagues behind the scenes.   We also thank the media coverage of the event and the public as a whole for having accompanied us to the INTERCIDEC 2019 AWARDS GIVING.   In its 4th edition, it has been awarded the best interior design of a restaurant in two categories: One, for professionals, with 5,000 euros and another, for students, with 1,000 euros.

In the Student Category, and after the Jury’s deliberation and weighted score, the Jury’s decision was: for presenting one of the ways to make efficient use of space in increasingly congested cities, the First award in the 2019 Student Category was awarded to the PANAL project, by María Buenahora, Gabriela Arroyo and Sonia Nuñez.

In the Professional Category, and after the Jury’s deliberation and deliberation, the First award in the Professional Category of InterCIDEC 2019 is awarded to a project that combines a return to the artisan work of a workshop with aesthetics and new materials in decoration and construction. The winning project is DROP INTO THE MUD, by José Antonio Alonso.