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Rules of the 9th Edition of the InterCIDEC'24 Awards

Gender: Interior design
Prizes: 3,000 € in cash
Open to: Individual professionals or teams of officially qualified Interior Designers and Architects
Theme: Design of a Glamping housing unit
Convening entity: Beltá Frajumar
Country of the entity: Spain
Closing date: 01/10/2024

1. Participants

Open to professionals from all over the world, architecture and interior design professionals with official qualifications can participate. You can participate individually or as part of a team, studio or company.

2. Theme

The word “Glamping” means glamorous camping, that is, camping or temporary living in the midst of nature and the outdoors without leaving aside the amenities or comfort of a luxury hotel. Today, in the field of tourism, a type of tourist accommodation is present with a certain degree of strength and potential that tries, in an innovative way, to reconcile the comforts offered by a luxury hotel with the adventures and experiences of traditional camping. InterCIDEC proposes, for this edition, a luxury space for those who like to live in contact with nature. Comfort and design occupy a very important place in these dream spaces.

Participants may use the following map as a reference for orientation purposes.

The use of the map is not mandatory.

3. Presentation of the project

Registration form filled in with the participant’s details. Included at the end of the rules or in the following document.

Copy of the National Identification Document (DNI) or passport and the Tax Identification Number (CIF) in the case of participating as a company.
Architect or Interior Designer professional accreditation, degree.

Participants will sign a responsible statement available here.

With a maximum length of 20 bound sheets. The minimum contents of the report will be the following: 3.5.1. Conceptual and explanatory report: It must contain a description of the idea of the project, the aspects that make it original, its differentiated value, the type of environment, target audience… It is important to highlight the innovative components, whether on a conceptual, formal, functional, material or emotional level. 3.5.2. Graphic representation: Sketches and dimensioned plans of the project (pieces and set), indicating the technical details of the project. 3D rendering. 3.5.3. Other outstanding aspects: The materials, production processes, integrated technologies, installation, environmental values or other conditioning factors such as transport or assembly must be specified, if these represent an important variable in the project. That is to say, that these may increase the value of the proposal or provide data which contribute to improving its evaluation. * Remember that the elements that make up the project presentation must be anonymous, only the PROJECT NAME must appear.

Exhibition panel: Vertical rigid support size A2 (420 x 594 mm.) on which it is indicated:

– Title of the project

 – Summary of the conceptual / explanatory report. 

– Idea and value of the proposal.

– Images or 3D representations of the scenario (3D rendering).

* Remember that these elements of the project must be anonymous, only the PROJECT NAME must appear.

The physical presentation will also be accompanied by a PENDRIVE, CD or DVD with the digital contents of the project memory and the exhibition panel (formats, texts and images).

4. Deadline for submission and sending

The submission deadline of projects is 01/10/2024. By competing for the Prize, the authors accept these rules and undertake not to withdraw the work once it has been sent.

The project must be sent in both physical and digital format.

Printed format, a copy must be sent by post, indicating on the envelope “9th International InterCIDEC Prize 2024” and addressed to Poeta Francisco Antonio Jiménez Nº33, Polígono Industrial “Urbayecla II” Apdo. 30510 Yecla, Murcia, Spain.

Digital format, send by email all the documentation to the email or upload on the website.

Each of the works submitted will be assigned a registration number in strict order of receipt, provided that they are submitted within the admission period.

5. Jury

The winners will be chosen by an independent jury made up of prestigious professionals related to architecture, interior design, decoration and design, the media, Official Associations of Architects and Interior Designers, and hotel companies, which will assess the conceptual proposal, innovation, environmental value and accessibility. Its composition will not be made public until days before the awarding of the prize, its decision being unappealable. 

The projects will be evaluated by the Jury under the following criteria:


5.2.1. Conceptual proposal. Detection of emerging needs, such as connectivity, solutions that solve specific problems, environmental improvements, among others.


5.2.2. Degree of innovation (conceptual, formal, compositional, material, technological, etc.)


5.2.3. Aesthetic value (harmony, perception, composition, distribution…).


5.2.4. Accessibility for people with disabilities (not only as a way of complying with regulations, but in a way that the facilities are practical and useful).


5.2.5. The use of both our 2D-3D products in the projects and the products of the competition sponsors will be valued. You can download our products from here.


5.2.6. Environmental criteria in product selection. Other aspects that increase the value of the proposal, such as more efficient production processes, easy installation and maintenance, etc. 

The jury meeting to evaluate the projects and choose the winners will take place on 10/10/2024 at Beltá Frajumar’s facilities.

The decision will be communicated through the website of Beltá Frajumar and its social networks during the month of November 2024.

The winner must not be communicated until it is officially announced by Beltá Frajumar at the awards ceremony.

In addition, press releases on the results of the Prize will be issued and distributed among the main media specializing in architecture, interior design, contract and furniture (both in the written press, radio, television and, of course, social networks and the blogosphere).

The awards ceremony will take place in Alicante on 24/10/2024. Further details will be announced in the coming months.

6. Award

A single prize of 3,000 € in cash and a diploma will be awarded.

If any of the winning projects finally concludes a contract/sale of the project for installation in a hotel, the author/s will be entitled to the relevant economic benefits.

The Jury reserves the right to award runners-up prizes as it sees fit. These prizes, without economic content, consist of a gift and the possibility of opting for the corresponding royalties, in the event that the project is sold to a hotel client among other collaborations.

The winners will receive a diploma and a gift. The projects will have the possibility of being presented at international fairs attended by Beltá Frajumar.

7. Legal Properties

7.1.1. The participants declare that the works presented in this competition are the result of their own creation, and assume responsibility if this is not the case.


7.1.2. Although Beltá Frajumar is an expert jury, it is completely impossible to know all the existing interior design projects, and therefore he does not assume any responsibility in the event that the winning projects are replicas of others already in existence. 


7.1.3. Participants accept that the Jury will have the power to revoke the awarding of the prize if, within a year of its decision, duly justified claims or complaints are made which, in the opinion of the Jury, allow the winning project to be rejected, in which case the participant will be obliged to return the prize within a period of one month from the final decision issued by the Jury.


7.1.4 The projects not selected will be available for collection by the participants on the installations of Beltá Frajumar until 31 December of the same year as the competition. Once this period has elapsed, without being requested, it is understood that the participant renounces the project and, therefore, the documentation may be destroyed.

Beltá Frajumar is not responsible for the veracity of the data provided by the participants. Sponsors are not allowed to submit projects or to compete for the prize. Participation in this competition implies acceptance of the rules and the Jury’s decision. Participants agree to take part in any photography, interview, film or similar promotional activity related to this competition. In particular, the use of the participant’s name, biography and image (photos, films…) will be duly authorised. Beltá Frajumar is not responsible for the loss of registrations, nor for the technical errors that may be generated when the documents are received. Any registration incurred in any of these cases will be rejected. Proof of sending the registration will not be accepted as proof of delivery, however, Beltá Frajumar will confirm the receipt of the projects. If any participant breaches any of these official rules or terms and conditions, he or she will be disqualified and will immediately return to Beltá Frajumar any prize (cash or otherwise) received in this competition. Beltá Frajumar reserves the right to reproduce in publications and magazines any of the products that have been submitted and undertakes to always inform of the identity of their author. The prizes will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law, so any claim or issue arising in relation to this competition will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Spain.