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I am an architect or interior designer, should I be social networks?

The answer is a resounding yes, every architect or interior designer must be present on social networks. Times have changed and it is useless to put an ad in the newspaper, now your potential clients look for your services through the networks. Wouldn’t it be a logical decision to use this means of communication to reach them? At Beltá & Frajumar we leave you some useful tips on how to create your company profile on three of the main social platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

1.Create your personal brand

The first is to create a company profile. It sounds like obvious advice, but it isn’t. Many architects sin in publishing their work without following a clear content strategy. It isn’t enough to register on the social network and publish photos with text and videos without more. In each publication you must capture a style that reflects your professional identity. This implies a strong and original username accompanied by an easy to recognize logo. If it isn’t yet a consolidated brand, it’s convenient to write in the description box the services you offer and the specialty of your company. Working on your brand will set you apart from other architects and interior designers.

Essential social networks

Instagram. It’s the photography queen social network. A very attractive option for an architect and interior designer when it comes to displaying their projects on social networks. The main about this platform is to take care of the aesthetics of the brand and upload quality multimedia content so that, in this way, you can create a community and your users become followers of your brand.

Facebook. This social network allows you to have a company page (also known as fan page) where you can upload your projects and services and generate community. Through Facebook you can create ads and keep your potential clients located with a very specific audience segmentation.

Linkedin. All companies have a professional profile on this social network. It’s a very valuable communication tool if you offer B2B services. In addition, it allows you to create new contacts and show your professional work to others in the sector.

2.Post quality photos and videos

Consumers must be captured visually. Make posts with eye-catching images and creative texts that showcase your projects.

How to take photos for social networks?

  • Before taking the photo, the first thing you should check is the light. The work you want to show must be perfectly illuminated and with a certain class of colors that reflects your brand (be careful with excesses!).
  • Remember that you can use Instagram filters to correct colors and light. (But don’t abuse them).
    Make sure what you want to show is well framed, centralized and in the foreground.
  • If you don’t have a mobile with a good camera, you can hire the services of a professional product photographer or a digital marketing agency to launch your content plan.

3.Use hashtags that describe your business

The proper use of hashtags, especially on Instagram and Linkedin, will help you attract potential customers who are interested in that type of decoration or service. The hashtag filters the content so that customers find what they are really looking for. Therefore, it’s important to choose well the keywords that define your architecture or interior design studio. But don’t fill your posts with hashtags either! With 5 or 6 in each publication you will attract your target audience. The idea is to insert the words that are already related to architecture and urban planning or that already have relation to popular issues such as #interiordesigninspiration, #interiorhome, etc.

As you can see, maintaining the brand image of your architectural or interior studio isn’t an easy task, but with work and dedication, social networks can become a good showcase to attract new customers. You will see it!


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