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Design studio formed by Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada, the Italian eclecticism.

Il mio and design to emphasise the value of their ‘Italianness’, as well as to emphasise the authorship and originality of their designs, which they carry inside in their Milan-born blood.

Back to beginnings

We work passionately towards detail and excellence. We believe in creations with their own personality.

We don’t believe in mass production, the mainstream or soulless things. We design and produce unique spaces and objects, ad hoc to each and every concept. Our spirit reflects artisans from bygone times. And that is obvious.

Our spirit reflects artisans from bygone times. And that is obvious.

Multidisciplinary vision

We’re a mixed collective of architects, industrial designers, interior designers and graphic artists. Thanks to this mix of views, synergies and disciplines, we enrich each project that we undertake. There are no intermediaries, conceptual clashes, eternal time frames or hidden costs. There’s an idea and a team that strives to make it happen.

We do everything. Easy, isn’t it?

Ethics & Aesthetics

Our designs stem from the idea of meeting the physical (spatiality, comfort, functionality) and spiritual (beauty, aesthetic, harmony) needs of the people who inhabit them. We’re the reflection of our times, our society and its diversity. When we undertake a project, we abide by and respect the cultural references, history and customs of its geographical framework.

The three cornerstones of our work are client, user and environment.

Like talking to a friend

Flexibility is one of the cornerstones of our way of thinking. There are no physical or mental barriers. We like to sit next to you to listen to your ideas and needs, thereby involving you in the processes. May our projects also be yours.
We firmly believe in communicating with our clients.

Thinking small to do great things

No project is too big or too small. There are ideas and a flexible structure that adapts. From private clients to big companies, the soul doesn’t understand volume. That’s why we do everything from private properties to hotels, restaurants and retail spaces.

Our experience endorses us. Our heart distinguishes us

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