Ideas for decorating your hotel

For years, people have shown a greater interest in the experience that each product or service can offer, especially in the hotel sector this has been reflected in the increasing number of hotel owners who seek to create a unique, memorable, admirable atmosphere through the decoration, style and design of their furniture and the number of people who move to hotels to enjoy their architecture and interior design.


Precisely, the use of new social networks and the Internet has caused people interested in spending a stay in a hotel to search for information and make extensive comparisons between different spaces before choosing one of them to make their reserves. For this reason, it is necessary for hotel owners to consider how they are going to differentiate their spaces in order to better position themselves and impress a greater number of users.


But what should be taken into consideration when decorating a hotel?


Aspects to consider when decorating a hotel


The order


This is the first thing a client looks at when he or she enters a hotel room and you can create that sense of order and care by having towels and sheets folded and placed in the wardrobes, cushions well placed on the sofas or beds and adequate space to move between pieces of furniture that should be properly positioned.


Hotel Lava Beach

Hotel Lava Beach, Lanzarote


The cleaning


Hotel visitors mostly consider cleaning to be one of the fundamental aspects of a hotel’s service. Therefore, it is very beneficial that every day there is a cleaning service that is in charge of keeping all areas of the hotel clean.

In addition, some actions that help to create a sense of cleaning include placing personal cleaning kits in each room, the daily collection of towels, the use of a mild air freshener throughout the hotel and the use and care of plants and flowers.


The mirrors


In hotels it is very advisable to use mirrors both in common areas and in the rooms because they bring light into the rooms, give clarity, create a sense of space, and if they have a beautiful frame, they work as decorative elements in themselves. An idea whose result is incredible when the rooms have beautiful exterior views is to place a mirror in such a way that the view is reflected in it.


The colours


In relation to colours, if the hotel is small, it is better if the walls are painted in white or other warm tones. If, on the other hand, the hotel is large, it would be better to use more cheerful tones in some areas to improve the mood of the guests. This combination of colours and sense of joy can be seen in the Aloft Gran Vía Hotel in Madrid where Beltá & Frajumar collaborated with the manufacture of furniture pieces.


Hotel Aloft Gran Via

Hotel Aloft Gran Vía, Madrid


The points of light


In each space of the hotel it is necessary to locate the light points very well taking into account the actions that the clients will carry out in each area, an example is to place a lamp on a side table in each room so that the users can read. And another example is to place lights on the headboard of the bed that at the same time that provide light improve the comfort of the client, as the Hotel Eurostars Maximiliam did, where Beltá & Frajumar had the opportunity to collaborate through the furniture.


Hotel Eurostars Park Maximiliam

Hotel Eurostars Park Maximiliam, Regensburg


However, we must not forget to take advantage of outdoor spaces where there is more light through the use of shaded areas and equipment so that customers can have more services. An example where the outdoor terraces have been taken advantage of through the use of Beltá & Frajumar’s furniture is The Island project in Estepona and another example is the Downtown Camper Hotel because it has also taken advantage of its exterior through the use of large windows.

the island

The Island, Estepona


The Island Estepona

The Island, Estepona


Hotel Downtown Camper

Hotel Downotow Camper


The handicraft


Nowadays, craftsmanship is something that many customers take into account because it gives a sense of exclusivity to the products and makes the objects more eye-catching. And that is why some hotels opt for the use of blankets, cushions, among others, which have been made by hand and even incorporate the name of the people who sewed them. One example is the Only You Atocha Hotel for which Beltá & Frajumar made certain pieces of furniture.

Hotel Only You Atocha

Hotel Only You Atocha, Madrid


Comfort and innovation


In relation to comfort, hotels need to install furniture pieces that are comfortable regardless of whether they will be used by overnight guests or guests staying for more than one day. In addition, even if the hotel is attractively decorated, time must be spent thinking about the design or shape of the furniture pieces in order to make them stand out and be remembered by the customer. An example where this aspect was taken into account was the Círculo Gran Vía Autograph Collection Hotel project where Beltá & Frajumar installed part of its furniture.


Hotel Círculo Gran Vía Autograph Collection

Hotel Círculo Gran Vía Autograph Collection, Madrid


The water


Making use of water in hotel spaces creates a calm, welcoming and fresh atmosphere in both outdoor and indoor areas. One example is to create a large fountain in a courtyard or to place a smaller fountain in each room because they can even be combined with lighting and colours to create a small, relaxing evening show.


The importance of bathrooms


For some years now, bathrooms have become part of the aesthetics of hotels, it is enough to think that people take pictures in them and it is considered normal to realise their importance.

Natural elements can be used in them, such as stones that can be placed around the showers, wood that can be used to create showers and plants of different sizes.

And, on the other hand, if the bathrooms can have views to quiet landscapes such as the beach or the mountain, it is preferable to generate access to those views as did the Lava Beach Hotel located in Lanzarote, where Beltá & Frajumar had the opportunity to install furniture that will help you get that feeling of relaxation.


Hotel Lava Beach

Hotel Lava Beach, Lanzarote


Aquello que el cliente no espera


In the end, what hosts remember most about the hotels they visit is what they don’t expect, as it captures their attention because they have never seen it in other spaces.
Some examples are: creating a wall in the family room that is a blackboard for children to draw on, creating a reception desk with suitcases as its pillar, offering the customer a card with a free invitation to a hotel service that they have not booked, creating a room in the shape of a sphere, placing a window in each room to observe the stars, etc.


Having everything under control


This refers to users being able to control the light and temperature from the bed because it is one of the keys to making them feel at home in the hotel.


The gardens


Creating a garden around a courtyard that can be opened up to allow guests to observe it from inside the hotel while relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee, reading or working, can be a differentiating aspect of the hotel. And at the same time, in summer, it will allow guests to enjoy another area of the hotel where they can sunbathe, go out and play, etc.

After you have read this post, at Beltá & Frajumar we hope that you have realised the importance of taking care of every detail and that you will contact our professionals for the next refurbishment of your hotel because if there is one thing that is clear to us is that in every project we have to create exclusivity and a differentiating and attractive style.


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