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How to turn your bedroom into your office 

As a result of the crisis caused by the coronavirus, teleworking has become our daily life, and for this reason it is advisable to have a suitable workplace. If possible, a room dedicated to it. However, we know that sometimes we don’t have a spare room to set up an office.

A good alternative could be the bedroom, but to achieve this it’s not enough to put a table and a chair near a window, other aspects must also be taken into account.

In today’s post we explain them to you so you can also turn your bedroom into your office. Follow these tips and you will create a suitable, practical and comfortable space to work without needing another room.

Differentiate environments 

If you have a large room and the necessary space, the best is to separate the two environments. For this, there are many options. 

You can do it by painting the walls in different colors, or by placing two rugs that differentiate the areas.

Another option is to place a screen or any other decorative element, such as a bookshelf, that separates the two areas, creating two environments in the bedroom. Although for this you will need to have an extra space.


In relation to the previous point, one of the best tricks to separate two spaces in a room is to create different environments. And for this, lighting can be a key point.

In the bed area you can opt for dimmer and more relaxed lights, which provide peace and tranquility. Instead, in the work area you can place a small desk lamp that gives you more light and helps illuminate the area.

On the other hand, to create an office that allows us to work properly, it’s  essential to have a good light, since it helps us to concentrate and avoid us from straining our eyes. 

Therefore, place your work table near the window and some curtains so that the sunlight doesn’t come straight and you can see better.

Minimalist decor 

Since we combine two different rooms, it is advisable not to overload any of them and use a minimalist decoration that allows them to be differentiated and combined at the same time.

In addition, this type of decoration will help create a space where you can focus and work without distractions.

A plant, a shelf or a mirror can be more than enough decorative elements to acclimate your new office. Use neutral and light tones that allow a good combination and simple elements, such as the SKON series mirrors, simple and functional. 


To be able to work well it’s essential to be comfortable, and for this we must choose comfortable and, above all, functional furniture. The space of the room for the office will not be very large, and we must take advantage of it as much as possible by placing not very bulky furniture, and only those necessary to work comfortably, such as a desk, a chair and a shelf, depending on the space we have.

However, we must take care that it’s not overloaded, it’s very important to leave enough space between the furniture to move comfortably.

As for the desk, undoubtedly the most important element of the office, it should be medium in size, not too large, but enough large for a computer and some of space to write. Our POET desk will be a safe, simple and elegant bet.

The chair is perhaps another of the fundamental pieces of the office, not just any. If possible, with armrests and a high backrest, and if there isn’t much space available, it’s recommended one without wheels, since it occupies less. For this, the EVEN chair would be a good option, simple but with a touch of design, joined to a great comfort.

As you have seen, it’s easy to
turn your bedroom into your office if you follow a series of tips. With them, you will have a space not only cozy, but also quiet, and all without leaving the room.


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