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How to decorate a hotel room

Decorating a hotel room can be costly because you have to make the room an exclusive space and full of charm because it is where the visitors to the hotel spend the most time. But sometimes this process becomes easier if you take into account some guidelines.

Now, what are those aspects to take into account when decorating a hotel room, read on!


Aspects to follow when decorating a hotel room


The space and the light


In each room you have to try to get the maximum natural light without forgetting to place night lights and the amplitude of each space, because guests do not like dark rooms without windows and cluttered spaces that give a feeling of clutter and overwhelm.

A trick that helps to create more space in hotel rooms is the use of light colours.

An example where this aspect is clear is the Hotel Las Mimosas in Ibiza where Beltá Frajumar had the great opportunity to install part of its furniture.


Hotel Las Mimosas

Las Mimosas Hotel, Ibiza.


Hotel Las Mimosas, Ibiza.

Las Mimosas Hotel, Ibiza.


The colour


Although white provides amplitude, if the space of the room is large, it is preferable to combine warm tones with other more cheerful tones to prevent guests from feeling bored or sad.

A hotel that has carried out this combination through its furniture and decoration is the Hyatt, Ziva and Zilara Hotel in the Dominican Republic for which Beltá Frajumar made certain pieces of furniture in different shades to suit the client’s taste.


Hotel Hyatt, Ziva y Zilara, República Dominicana

Hyatt, Ziva y Zilara Hotel, República Dominicana


Hotel Hyatt, Ziva y Zilara, República Dominicana

Hyatt, Ziva y Zilara Hotel, Dominican Republic


The innovation


If you want to capture the attention of viewers, what you have to do is to create striking spaces through exclusive decoration and a differentiating and innovative design.

A project where Beltá Frajumar collaborated in equipping exclusive furniture is the Hard Rock Ibiza Hotel because the beds in each room of the hotel are surrounded by vibrant light.


Hotel Hard Rock, Ibiza.

Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza


The comfort


Every room in a hotel must seek comfort for the guests, that is to say, the quality of each piece of design furniture that is installed in the room must be sought after because, although its price will be increased, over time its profitability will be greater as it will be used by the clients, which will improve their satisfaction and will have a longer durability. Moreover, there is no point in having an amazingly decorated room if you cannot enjoy it because the quality of the furniture is low and does not provide comfort.


The walls


A distinctive aspect of the decoration of hotel rooms is the use of wallpaper, because it allows the space to be original and to project drawings that reflect the atmosphere of the environment. For example, the Suite Hotel Fariones Playa where Beltá Frajumar was able to install part of its design furniture. The result was spectacular because the rooms were able to reflect the environment as the paper contained the drawing of palm trees and the hotel was located on an island, specifically in Lanzarote.


Suite Hotel Fariones Playa

Suite Fariones Playa Hotel, Lanzarote


The coffee service


Most people in today’s society are characterised by the search for commodity and for this reason, offering a coffee machine, a water server, etc. inside the room that prevents the client from having to leave the room, will improve the valuations they have of the hotel‘s service.


The plants and the cushions


The use of plants and flowers is very important regardless of whether they are large or small, as in the rooms of the Hotel Grand Palladium Palace Resort where Beltá Frajumar had the opportunity to collaborate in its interior design, because they transmit naturalness and positive energy to the environment.

And another of the key points when decorating a hotel room is the use of cushions, because just as people like to place them on their beds at home, in a hotel they will also prefer to have them and make use of them.


Grand Palladium Palace Resort Hotel, Dominican Republic


The cards and the magazines


When a guest visits a hotel, one of the things they will always remember about their stay will be their first impression, which is why it is essential to make the guest feel at home as soon as they arrive. To do this, you can offer magazines placed on side tables where they can sit and look at them, and welcome cards with the necessary information to make their stay at the hotel easier, for example, wifi details, a map of the hotel, dining room opening hours, telephone numbers, etc.


Hotel Grand Palladium Palace Resort

Grand Palladium Palace Resort Hotel, Dominican Republic


The bathrooms


The fact that the rooms contain a bathroom is fundamental for people to feel comfortable with the room, and it is even the first thing that most people observe when they arrive for the first time in a hotel room and its aesthetics is one of the aspects that they value the most.

As for the structure of the bathrooms, some hotels have opted to avoid the walls that separate the bathroom from the room and have separated both areas by using small dividers such as the Hotel Iberostar Paseo de Gracia for which Beltá Frajumar manufactured exclusive furniture and others have created bathrooms without separating them from the rooms such as the Hotel Grand Palladium Palace Resort.


Hotel Iberostar

Iberostar Paseo de Gracia Hotel, Barcelona


Hotel Grand Palladium Palace Resort

Grand Palladium Palace Resort Hotel, Dominican Republic


The mirrors


When decorating the rooms of a hotel, it must be clear that it must include the use of mirrors that allow the visitors to make themselves up and make up easily. And, for this, different types of mirrors can be used depending on their shape and the place where they are placed. One example is the use of furniture with mirrors such as those in the suites of the Grand Palladium Palace Resort Hotel, which improve the space without the need to take up more space.


The fun zone


Regardless of whether the rooms are to be used for one-night guests or more, each one has to offer the possibility of enjoying the television and a space where to read, sit with the computer or smartphone, among other actions.

An example of a hotel that contains a space for its customers to carry out these actions is the Hotel Silken Palacio Uribarren LEKEITIO, where Beltá Frajumar provided exclusive design furniture.


Silken Palacio Uribarren LEKEITIO Hotel, España.


In addition, it should not be forgotten that each room should contain a desk and lighting that allows users to telework or study because sometimes customers need to stay in a room for business trips, among others.


Silken Palacio Uribarren LEKEITIO Hotel, España


At Beltá & Frajumar we hope that by the end of this post, you already know what aspects you have to take into account to decorate a hotel room in the best possible way, but above all, we hope that you can count on our team to collaborate in the reform of the interior of your hotel through design furniture as we have done in other projects. We look forward to seeing you!


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