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How important is natural wood in furniture?

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What is the importance of natural wood for furniture making? From our experience as furniture and upholstery manufacturers, the use of natural wood in furniture depends on the quality of the wood and its typology since, according to its characteristics, we can work it in one way or another. When choosing a piece of wood furniture, it is very common to be guided by aesthetics and price as value factors. However, if you are looking to buy natural wood furniture for your home, apartment or hotel, you should take into account other aspects such as finishes, quality, resistance or how it ages depending on the type of wood. 

Natural wood is an element that brings us to nature and captivates our eyes. Before decorating, you should first get to know the different types of wood that exist.


Types of natural woods for furniture 

Generally, different kinds of wood are used for the production of furniture, however, the following are the most used worldwide. These are some of the most commonly used types of natural furniture wood in interior design. 



At first sight we associate oak with hardness and of course, it is the most significant attribute of this type of wood, characterized by its yellowish brown color. 

Oak wood furniture is much more durable, so if you want an elegant piece of furniture that will last for many years, oak furniture is a good choice. It also has a wide range of colours and accepts any type of finish. Likewise, oak is a wood that needs hardly any maintenance, especially in interior furniture. For this reason, in the NH Ventas 4* and NH Colón 4* hotels, both located in Madrid, we used Rund tables for the design of their common areas. These three side tables, whose structure is made of solid oak wood with a nat finish, allow the creation of different compositions thanks to their sizes and heights. We have sought the maximum formal simplicity to eliminate everything superfluous and focus on lines that give them a great visual delicacy. The Even armchairs, whose wooden base is made of ash, have also been used for this group of hotels.


It is the wood we use most in our products today. It is a dense, hard and very strong wood, but at the same time elastic, which allows us to make it very resistant for intensive use. The results offered by this wood in the furniture is a seal of quality and durability. We use it in many of our products, for example in our Besk, Poet and Erla desks, and in chairs like Bazk or Níes. Once again, an option to take into account if we are looking for a long lasting furniture.


This type of wood produces furniture of great elegance and exoticism while very resistant. If you want to decorate any area of your home with a special piece, we recommend, for example, the Luxu side tables made of this wood. A work of cabinetmaking where the materials and their manipulation speak for themselves.


Hardness and strength are key factors in walnut wood. This wood is different from the rest because it is an easy material to work with, with finishes that border on perfection. Its different shades, ranging from grey to dark brown, make it a wood that catches the eye. In addition, it brings quality and warmth to rooms at the same time. The American walnut is a wood that, as the furniture ages, improves its colour and intensity, giving it a superior category. One of our most outstanding tables made of solid walnut wood is the central table RAIZ

How do you distinguish a quality piece of furniture?  

A wood that has stood the test of time without scratches or obvious signs in its surface layers proves its quality. On the other hand, a wood with obvious signs of use, especially if the furniture is not very old, denotes that the furniture has been made from low-quality wood. In any case, the general condition of a piece of furniture, whether it is made of low or high quality wood, depends to a great extent on the use made of it and its maintenance.

The wood is our base element, on which we develop almost all the works of Beltá&Frajumar, being present in them in a small or big way. A piece of furniture can be with us for several decades, that is why we recommend investing in quality furniture, made of resistant woods and with good finishes. 


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