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Furniture has a major impact on hotels

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Interihotel made it clear:

Furniture has a significant impact on the appearance of a hotel.

Furniture has a significant impact on the look and feel of an interior. Although its main purpose is functionality, an attractive aesthetic is also crucial. From cozy and intimate lounges to clear, open atriums, the furniture was chosen by hotel designers to create a lasting impression.

Customers who have traveled long distances need a relaxing environment as soon as they arrive in the lobby until they rest their heads on their pillows. Moreover, some people are inspired by these designs to decorate their homes. Fortunately, finding furniture for hotels has become easy thanks to the Web and to Faires like Interihotel held last week in Barcelona. Indeed, brands like Belta & Frajumar offer you a whole range of furniture adapted to such an establishment.


The timeless and organic appearance of unpolished marble and wood has become a staple thanks to the enduring popularity of Scandinavian chic. This trend of minimalist and classic design began in the early 20th century. It moves away from the highly decorated furniture to give a breath of fresh air to modern spaces.

In contemporary spaces, the sintered stone imitates the appearance of wood in paneling or table. It can also be combined with soothing pastels for added color or contrasting textures to provide a captivating juxtaposition of the natural and the industrial.


Furniture designers are becoming more adventurous as hotels incorporate more and more bright colors for a fresh feeling. Furniture designed for hotels has large shades of primary tones and high volume tones.

As seen here, the ECKO armchairs stand out next to the Interihotel photocall.

This allows an original interior, perfect for an ultra-modern hotel. Beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, the brightly colored blocks also have a practical function, as they allow you to easily find key areas such as the dining room or the reception.

See you at the

7th Zaragoza Furniture Fair 2020!


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