Discover the Ethical Luxury, a sustainable luxury

ethical luxury

Discover the Ethical Luxury, a sustainable luxury

The sustainability, the circular economy and the environmental challenge are the axes in decoration and interior design that are marking and promoting the design trends this 2020 and that, without a doubt, will mark and promote those of the next years.

A trend is reconfiguring the idea of luxury. It’s the Ethical Luxury, a new generation of premium materials that reconsiders the notion of luxury under an environmentally conscious approach. 

A key factor in a context where sustainability and well-being are becoming key factors for the premium consumer. 


Sustainable luxury in Beltá & Frajumar 


The 2020-2021 trends in decoration and interior design show a marked influence for sustainability. There is an intense concern for everything related to the environmental challenge we face as a society, the challenge of the circular economy, sustainable development and respect for the environment

However, in Beltá & Frajumar we don’t forget the needs and tastes of our consumers, who also look for luxury, elegance and detail in every product. 

Therefore, combining innovation and natural inspiration, and manufacturing through natural materials and commitment to the environment, we create design products that embody luxury and sustainability at the same time.  

ethical luxury

In Beltá & Frajumar we are firmly committed with the care and protection of the environment, coordinating all the objectives and environmental strategic lines to be fulfilled by the organization through the approval of an Environmental Management Policy. 

That is why, as a firm committed to ecology, we only work with responsibly wooded and controlled wood with sustainable reforestation. All this with the aim of meeting social, economic and environmentally responsible needs, and maintaining the natural balance. 

ethical luxury


Key aspects


In this trend, interior design embraces luxury under a more honest and sensible premise, taking into consideration its environmental footprint and its influence on climate change. 

For this, mainly materials such as wood, stone and marble are used, allies of luxury and sophistication, which are renewed and move away from frivolity to acquire an elegance that shows metallic effects similar to very marked oxides, collecting a variety of effects in the designs. 

ethical luxury

As for the color palette, black continues to bring sophistication due to its intensity and versatility, but it’s its combination with metal, as we mentioned in the previous section, that is the key element for creating deep environments, as in the Ólia table or the Ring table. The incidence of light on these colors, as well as the combination with metals, creates a discreet sense of luxury.

By following the Ethical Luxury and its trends, in Beltá & Frajumar we seek to show that sustainable spaces can be luxurious, as we consider it essential to achieve a sustainable welfare in our commitment to quality and sustainability

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