Sergio Muñoz

Sergio Muñoz was born in Yecla in 1987 where from the beginning he showed great interest in the industry and how things work. After finishing his Bachelor of Arts degree, he moved to Valencia in 2006 where he studied and finished his studies in “Product Design” at the Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño de Valencia. After a period in Valencia working in Online Marketing and Graphic Design he returns to Yecla to get involved in the development of products related to the habitat. In 2013 he becomes a co-founder and president of “El Creadero”, the Association of Designers and Creatives of Yecla where non-profit projects are developed with the intention of bringing Design and Creativity closer to society. He currently combines his work in the design department of Gobik Sportwear with the development of design projects on his own.

Products Designer by Sergio Muñoz