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Robert Ortega

Robert Ortega is an Industrial Design Engineer and has worked as an interior designer, product engineer, graphic designer and in design management. His extensive experience provides a global vision of the problems of the world of design, offering the company his work in the fields of design and marketing. 

Talented designer and multi-faceted professional

Over the last two decades, marketing has undergone a profound transformation that has led it to shed its skin to adapt to the new digital era. The same is true of 21st century furniture designers, who nowadays transfer their pencil sketches to adapted software programmes.

Robert Ortega is one such professional who masters both sides. Marketer by day and product designer by night, his passion for design and detail is reflected in every pore.

The seating in the EVEN collection, designed by Marketing Director Robert Ortega, fulfils this alliance perfectly. Someone with a preference for using visual processing like Robert uses his vision to remember and make decisions. This innate talent, together with his professional experience with many hours sitting in front of large computer screens, transmits ideas for effective design objects.

Communicator and visionary

Robert is an Industrial Design Engineer and has worked as an interior designer, product engineer and graphic designer at Design Management. He puts his expertise and experience at the service of Beltá & Frajumar on a daily basis to get the most out of advertising.

An expert in brand building, his expertise consists of outlining the brand and weaving around it to extract all its promotional potential. That is why he designs very practical, visually beautiful, functional products, with the firm outline of someone who, with undaunted fearlessness, outlines the stability for numerous hotel projects in which Beltá & Frajumar develops the integral equipment.

Robert knows how to anticipate the wishes of his clients and offers them such natural solutions. Of course, the EVEN room chairs have become the top choice for those who are looking for design clarity with a conservative point of view. Designing with the end user and the use of raw materials in mind makes us all connect to the “marks” of mundane life. Enjoy its lines!

Products Designer by Robert Ortega

SUIT sofa tela azul Navy 6695
SUIT sofa marca Belta Frajumar
par de butacas PUNK roja y verde
PUNK gris luca 6660
ERTO butaca Belta Frajumar
ONLY butaca ambientada
butaca ONLY S1 6661 patas nogal
EVEN mesa marmol blanco en salon
EVEN mesa centro marmol marron imperial
Silla tapizado gris en fondo oscuro
silla giratoria even
mesa auxiliar madera
BACK mesa para hogar acabado roble