Dario Gagliardini

Dario Gagliardini was born in Milan. He has a Doctorate in architecture from the Technical University of the same city. He is a collegiate architect, a position that allows him to gather significant experiences in the works of the hotel company CIGA and of Catterpillar Italy. He is decidicated to designing products and to the communication of the same as a visual designer and Art Director, extending his contribution in some companies in Design Management. At the same time, as a journalist he collaborates, as a graphic designer and art director, with prestigious design and architecture magazines like Ottagono and all publications by Design Diffusion Edizioni (ddn, Ofx, Design Management, Casa D, etc). As well as being the Cultural Director from the Architecture Magazine Riabita, published by Rima Editrice, he is also the editor and director of the magazines: Style and Places published by Fiera Milano Editore. His experience as a teacher in the Master in Design Management at the Polytechnic in Milano, lets him continue teaching in La Facoltà di Architettura, Coso di Laurea in Disegno Industriale del Politécnico di Milano. These positions do not impede him from continuing to design product successfully.


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