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Arbel is a heterogeneous and multidisciplinary team belonging to the company.

When Hispanic personal creativity is treated with respect and wisdom, a new expression of wealth is born from this synergy, which is differentiated, detailed and familiar. Thousands of people decide every day to improve and empower themselves with the positive change that is happening all over the planet. From this shared passion Arbel was born.

Arbel is short for Beltá & Frajumar.

“We are an abundant and multidisciplinary team of the company Beltá & Frajumar, made up of people with very different profiles and qualities, who imprint part of their character in the design process of each of the products they sign.”


Seeing the potential of some of Beltá & Frajumar’s assets, the project was born at the beginning of the 20th century as the fruit of a complementary union to carry out projects of superior quality.

“The message of all of us who make up the Beltá & Frajumar brand is clear: by bringing together enthusiasm and dedication, we create effective solutions”.

Are you looking to materialise your designs?

“You have the ability to invent the spaces you are looking for: elegant, eclectic and timeless. But then you have to materialise them and we take care of that.”

Do you create hotels for clients?

Beltá & Frajumar accelerates them, maximises their uptime and facilitates their creation.

  • Collaboration tools and site decoration
    Maximum security and detail
    More familiarity with Contract environment performance professionals.

There’s a team! Be part of the exclusive Hospitality network that is transforming #hotel design. 

Products Designer by Arbel

TERY butaca ambiente
TERY butaca
Sofá SLIM diseño de interiores hogar
sofa-tela luca-6660-acabado roble
Sofa INUA mobiliario para hogar
Sofá tapizado tela luca ideal para espacios comunes
COOL Sofá para hotel
Sofa Loft tapizado tela Nola
EGOS sofa
EGOS sofa
NIMO sofá tela LUCA 6660
KOTA sofá para decoración hogar
KOTA Sofa marca Belta Frajumar
Basik Sofá
Sofá COSY tela luca 6660 patas acabado roble
Emuc Sofá tela beige 6669
DIAB butaca clásica con diseño atrevido
DIAB butaca respaldo alto
DIAB butaca clásica con diseño atrevido
Butaca EVEN amarilla
MUSE butacas de diseño para terraza exterior
muse butaca tela luca 6660 acabado patas madera nogal
ALMA butaca gris mobiliario hogar Belta Frajumar
ALMA butaca tapizada tela luca gris oscura marca Belta Frajumar
VERA butaca tapizado terciopelo amarillo
VERA butaca
GIB mesa detalle
GIB mesa
Sofá clásico ideal para ambiente conservador
Sofá MUSA con cojines tela nola 6735
Sofá cama TRUE belta frajumar
BAZK silla ambiente
BAZK silla
Downtown Camper
mesa FRES auxiliar de madera
HERA mesa auxiliar junto a sofá
HERA mesa auxiliar
mesa centro LAYA mobiliario hogar
LAYA marmol blanco fresno
OPEN mesa
espejo skon
espejo SKON XL madera ROBLE
espejo skon 3 unidades
SKON-round 3 pieces

Productos diseñados por Arbel