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Design, architecture and interior design documentaries to see this quarantine

In view of the confinement situation caused by the coronavirus crisis and to make these quarantine days more pleasant, from Beltá & Frajumar we have compiled several design, architecture and interior design documentaries that you will love.

And it’s that platforms like Netflix not only serve for leisure, but can also be good learning tools when it comes to architecture and urban planning.

For this reason, we have collected a series of documentaries that intimately and reflexivity present important architects and projects, and that will undoubtedly entertain you and expand your knowledge.

Biographies, construction processes, trips to remote places and even touches of humor. These proposals will hook you as much as a serie! Take note!


Abstract: The Art of Design 

In this Netflix serie, already with two seasons, several creative designers from different disciplines explain their work and creative processes. In it you can discover how the most innovative designers think and how their work influences and affects all aspects of our lives.

Without a doubt, a serie that is worth seeing, and more knowing that it dedicates its fourth chapter to Bjarke Ingels, one of the architectural figures of the moment. In it, this important architect opens his mind to explain from why it occurred to him to design a ski slope on the roof of a power plant to how he carried out his first major project, the VM Houses in Copenhagen.


Big Time 

We continue with Bjarke Ingels! In this case, with a film that tells the story of the architect’s success and his work for the last seven years, in which he design the New York skyscraper W57 and the Two World Trade Center, his two most important projects.

In this documentary, Ingels is presented from a professional and personal point of view. In it you will know his transgressive ideas and his innovative creation process, which intermingle with his marked personality to teach us the designer least seen facet.


How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?

This documentary is a portrait of Norman Foster, an architect considered one of the most emblematic of the 21st century and one of the most visionary creators of recent times, who has dedicated his career to improving the quality of life through design, joining art and functionality and contributing his buildings a factor of sustainable development.

You can find it on YouTube:

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes 

In this Netflix documentary serie, the architect Piers Taylor and the actress Caroline Quentin travel the world in search of original houses, valuing mainly their architecture and taking care not to cause environmental damage that could alter the terrain ecosystem.

Without a doubt, a great opportunity to learn about different residential architecture programs and design solutions.


Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man Who Built America 


This documentary released in 2017 presents the life of one of the most important figures in American architectural history, Frank Lloyd Wright, with a tribute to his 70-year career in which he built more than 500 buildings, including Fallingwater, the most large of the 20th century.


Function and form, a look at design and innovation in Spain 

Our last recommendation is a documentary that shows the importance of design in the industrial and economic development of Spain. In it, a chronological and explanatory tour of the design in the peninsula is carried out from the 1960s to the present day.

You can find it on YouTube:

They may not have been on your films list, but whether or not you’re a design and architecture lover, you should take time out and watch them during this quarantine!



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