Decoration ideas for your living room

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Decoration ideas for your living room

The living room is the social epicentre of a home. A place where you spend a lot of free time in the company of the people you live with, whether they are friends or family. It’s also the place where guests spend the most time when they come to visit you at home.

It’s natural that being such an important room, a lot of importance is given to its decoration, but sometimes it’s complicated to choose the style and furniture to combine with each other. That’s why we bring you this post, to give you decoration ideas for your living room.


Every house is a world. Different spaces and distribution of the rooms and walls delimit the area available to design the interior of our living room. In addition, there is a great variety of tastes and furniture available in the Beltá & Frajumar catalogue

Therefore it’s convenient to find the key points that will make your living room a welcoming, beautiful and useful place regardless of other factors. The most important thing is an optimal distribution of the furniture, differentiating environments with different uses and creating a global set that works aesthetically. 


Respect natural light:

Light is a fundamental element. It decorates by itself and makes spaces look bigger, but what does this have to do with the furniture? To respect the light in the room, it’s highly recommended that you choose low furniture such as the LINK sofa that allows light to flow freely over it. Besides, it’s also advisable to clear the space by sticking the rest of the furniture to the walls or ceilings, and not to place them just below the window, hindering the light coming in through it.

Neutral colours, special details:

So that the style of your furniture never goes out of fashion, it’s ideal to choose pieces with neutral colours such as the natural wood of the RAIZ coffee table or the marble of the STUL table




Ideas decoration


In addition to being timeless pieces, their design also makes them outstanding details within the decoration of the living room. They have a very special and polished aesthetic. 

You can also play with most neutral coloured furniture, but have a brightly coloured key piece that stands out within the room. This is relatively easy to achieve because in Beltá & Frajumar we offer a lot of living room decoration ideas and we give you the option of choosing different combinations of colours and upholstery, achieving amazing mixtures. But what if we play with colours and shapes? The LILY armchairs, which have two different backrest heights, are an excellent asset in this regard. 


Balance between distance and size:

Using excessively large furniture for small spaces or using small and distant furniture in large spaces are mistakes to be avoided. You should try to find a balance within the room. For example, if you have a rectangular space that is not very wide, you could divide it into two different areas. For example, the living room and the dining room. In the living room we would have the TV on one side and in front of it, a sofa like the TRUE sofa bed. Between both of them it’s not very wise to place a wide table, because it would not leave any space and it would prevent from deploying the bed comfortably. If we chose a table like OPEN, we would achieve a visual balance, which would be much more practical and we would respect the guidelines we talked about earlier. 

On the other side of the room, where we have decided to set up a dining room, we can place a medium and high size table, guarded by the NÍES chairs, that lack armrests and allow a better use of space as they can be stored well between the table legs. 

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate a living room and these ideas will help you in that task. Besides, if there is something that stands out in the exclusive design furniture of Beltá & Frajumar that we have used as an example in this post, apart from its impeccable aesthetics, it’s that they are products to satisfy needs. Utility and good design always go hand in hand. 

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