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Decoration. Designs that inspire summer

Colours, prints, light, vegetation… Summer is here! And it’s the perfect time to change the style of our decoration, as we are entering a totally different era, and both our home and our establishments must transmit this as soon as we enter.  

Therefore, today in Beltá Frajumar we present you some trends in interior decoration that will help you to get some spaces much more summery and according to this time, spaces that inspire summer!    

Home decoration

Home decoration must be versatile and dynamic so as not to fall into boredom, and summer is a season that arrives on its own loaded with freshness, colour and light, concepts that are very easy to apply in our rooms. 

It is not necessary to make big changes, adding some summer elements and looking for decorative winks can make our homes look and feel much more alive. 


As we know, white is synonymous with summer. So, if we choose it, we can incorporate it into our decoration in two ways. On the one hand, betting on a total white look, as in the image below, where fresh elements of exclusive furniture such as the Typ table, the Alza armchair and the Daro sofa bed will be very useful.

design sofa

And on the other hand, with easy-to-apply accessories such as cushions, carpets or poufs like Opof, which can give your home a touch of originality and freshness. 

puffs design

At the other end, we find an explosion of bright and vivid colors, which we can incorporate more easily through some key elements, such as the Ecko chair, which captures all the attention.

design belta


Along with the colours, there is also the vegetation, a key element in summer which, depending on the plant chosen, will provide a tropical touch or a more relaxed one and which, either on a large or small scale, can be a great option to accompany brighter colours as in the previous image or white tones such as that of the Slim sofa and the Luna table

design sofa

Natural materials

Finally, another essential element that cannot be missing in this period are the natural materials, which bring freshness and lightness to the environment. Like the Even table, which brings that touch of simplicity and natural texture with a solid ash frame and a marble top. 

Contract decoration

Designer furniture through natural materials, light shades, lush vegetation… Sometimes you don’t need to be on the beach to feel the sea breeze or summer. Here we show you some of the most summery projects of Beltá & Frajumar. 

Destino Pachá Resort, Ibiza 

A project where beauty is materialized in a collection of handmade pieces, such as the Skon mirrors, which seek maximum comfort and ergonomics, and where the decoration in white tones both inside and outside the resort, creates a fresh and pleasant atmosphere that, combined with a lush vegetation on the outside and natural materials such as wood inside, creates a totally summery atmosphere.

Maraú Beach Club, Almería

Located on the Almería coast, this restaurant project offers an exclusive and special interior design, designed by Jose Luís Pulido Interiorismo and by the hand of Belta & Frajumar for the production of furniture such as the Kirk chester sofa.  

A project of fun and freshness capable of integrating the vegetation in the middle of the room, either through its hanging plants, its walls or its prints on elements such as chairs and cushions. A project in which maximum care has been taken with details, with warm colours, tropical connotations, leafy plants and natural fabrics and materials that give life, personality and freshness to every corner. 

Marau beach

In Beltá & Frajumar we are very aware of the need for a hotel or restaurant to be much more than a place where a guest sleeps or has dinner one night, and for a home to be much more than a house. 

Contact us, let’s give them life.


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