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I Encounter UCAM & RSCreativa “Creating RESponsible leaders”

Various entities and organizations of the Murcia Region have participated these days in the I Encounter UCAM &RSCreative “Creating RESponsible leaders”. Including the furniture and hotel installations company, Beltá & Frajumar. this encounter has been held in the Los Jerónimos Campus of the Catholic University of Murcia.

The participant entities and organizations in the event have analysed and discussed the commitment of the companies in terms of CSR (corporate social responsibility). The encounter has served to make known the actions that the companies have been taking nowadays in the different social fields of the region: not only in the business sector but also in the public sector or the third sector and analysing the existing barriers in this field.

Francisco Juan, CEO of Beltá & Frajumar, has expressed in the discussion panel that it is necessary to return a part of the profits to the environments that surround us (not only professional but also geographic) and they have highlighted that the return of the investment that is obtained when taking CSR actions with people, associations or with the environment, bias them to keep dedicating a part of their billing for the benefit of society. Actions like InterCIDEC or the collaboration with Cáritas are some of the examples in this area.

Between the participants of this, I Encounter UCAM &RSCreative entities and organizations of the region can be found, such as Pijo by Rubio, Murcia Red Cross, Fundación Hefame, the Murcian Government and the organizing entities “Cátedra Internacional de RS UCAM” and RS Creativa.

If you want to see the interview made to Francisco Juan, click in the attached video.


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