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Conversations with Jorge Pensi


"There is always the absolute need to create something original".

Today we present an interview with one of the leading national and international furniture designers, Jorge Pensi, founder of Jorge PENSI DESIGN Studio.

Jorge Pensi, architect and winner of the National Design Award, gives us his vision about current design trends, inspiration and work philosophy.

Author of pieces such as LUKA and PLAY, Jorge continues after more than a decade collaborating as a designer for Beltá Frajumar also participating as a member of the Jury in the first edition of InterCIDEC.


BF: What inspired you to become a designer?

JP: I am an architect, architecture gave me the tools to be able to design objects and not just houses.

BF: Which product for Beltá Frajumar has taken you the longest to design and why?

JP: Undoubtedly Luka, because we had to achieve a timeless image, easy and solid construction without forgetting comfort.

BF: You have worked in companies such as B.Lux, Perobell, Santa & Cole, Cassina and Driade among others. What is your differentiating style?

JP: I don’t know, I’m just sure I work hard so that the final product represents me and becomes a timeless element, far from the prevailing ephemeral fashions.

Luka collection designed by Jorge Pensi for Beltá Frajumar

BF: If you had to say two words to a designer just starting out in the professional world, what would you say?

JP: Tenacity, courage, respect, modesty and a lot of dedication.


BF: What are your sources of inspiration or references when designing something?

JP: Inspiration comes when you create an intense bond with the client, when we both have the same enthusiasm to create something unique, personal and original.


BF: Of all your work, which do you feel most identified with?

JP: Some that I won’t name so that others don’t feel undervalued.


Play collection designed by Jorge Pensi for Beltá Frajumar

BF: In which city in the world do you think the latest design trends will be generated in 2021? 

JP: I don’t think there is a specific place, there are people who create trends with their work and perhaps they live in a small village in the mountains.


BF: What is the working method for the development of a project in your team PENSI DESIGN studio? What idea can’t go wrong?

JP: Each collaborator brings a project, I talk to him or her, we draw and start designing, when the project progresses we meet and everyone gives their opinion on the progress of the proposal.

Jorge Pensi interview as member of the jury of intercidec 2016.

BF: We can say that there is a philosophy that characterises your work Jorge, or is it different in each project?


JP: There is always the absolute need to create something original, which is not a variant of what already exists, there must be clear signs of identity, the form must not be banal and I must feel totally identified with the final result.

BF: And finally, what would you highlight when working with Beltá Frajumar?


JP: The respectful and caring team of the company.



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