Our Showroom Beltá & Frajumar

Our showroom has been recently renewed, adding updated furniture and new ambiences considering our clients’ needs.

A distinctive showroom in which we can see two sections: living and hospitality furniture.

In the hospitality section, one of the highlighted changes has been the winner project of InterCIDEC 2018, #Sistmaleta by David Puerta from Viruta Lab. The project is already a reality in our showroom.

In the living section, we can find the addition of the new sofas: Tega, a relax with electric mechanism sofa, Inua, a Belta sofa where the design is the key to provide the best solution, and the Salf sofa, a timeless model which wide the Frajumar collection.

Visit our showroom to get first-hand knowledge of our unique in Spain showroom.