Gastronomic Restaurant Montoro Space in Alicante (Spain)

Mediterranean-inspired furniture manufacturing.

Gastronomic Restaurant Montoro Space

Alicante (Spain)

A trip through four differentiated and totally unique environments. We emphasized in making dreams come true for the enjoyment of the diner with a high-level furniture manufacturing. A definite project with the team of Pablo Montoro. Space with an atmosphere of glamor and unique identity.


In this particular project, we opted for the artisan work of some of the best professionals in the area. This synergy of attention to detail and exclusivity, have fulfilled the specifications of the interior design project, offering solutions that respect the history, minimizing costs, in line with customer needs.


For this sophisticated restaurant we have selected furniture from our collection such as the Bazk chair. A large amount of custom furniture has also been made. All of them developed to resist the intensive use of the areas dedicated to the hospitality industry. Find more information here:


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