interior de casa

Apartment in Baqueira – (Spain)

Apartment house.

Baqueira, north Spain.

Interior design of a holiday apartment in Baqueira together with the interior design studio Dröm Living become the best place to relax after mountain activities. Warm and welcoming spaces have been created from scratch that give off a mountain atmosphere without falling into a traditional rustic style. The main difficulty lay in the fact of projecting an environment with strong character and personality without knowing at all the final tenant who would enjoy it.


In the dining room, where this style of English club triumphs with the blue night wrapping the atmosphere, leather and wood are the main protagonists in textiles and furniture, especially in the dining room. Here, in this apartment in Baqueira, especially, the combination of pieces of different styles stand out: traditional-looking black wooden chairs blend with the custom made Cool sofa that brings that British club retro look. A great versatility of materials and finishes coexist in balance and the patchwork carpet brings the vintage touch next to the closet that we upholstered and painted in the same tone as the walls.


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